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It is inserted above it.

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Use the built in Help (F1 key) ask the question there!

Yes.When you select "Insert" under the "Home" tab, a menu appears to ask whether you want to shift the cells to the right or move them down in relation to the cell that you are adding. The other cells (to the left and/or above the inserted cell) are not affected. There is also the option to either shift the entire column or row on this menu. Selecting either of these options will more drastically affect the position of the existing cells so you should carefully check your data to make sure that the correct information is still in the correct column/row.

This question is not clear in reference to Excel. My best guess what you are asking is how to add text to a column in Excel. You select the cell you want and enter the data you want, then go to the next cell and continue. NOTE: If this does not answer your question, please ask a more specific question.

That term does not have anything to do with Microsoft Excel. Please ask a more specific question and ensure you put it in the correct category.

you will have these things to make excel >2 spoon soda, one spoon salt, further ask from excel thanx

In Excel 2007 it is 1,048,576 rows. If you really wanted to ask what is the height of a row, then the answer is 15.

Tools/insert.../object/script then click on it in workspace and insert script. Ask kirby12406 (my friend) or movini2123(me)

Excel and Microsoft word are two different programs. To ask how to you use excel for typing ms word does not make sense

To burn pictures from the computer onto a CD, all a person needs is to upload the pictures to the computer first. Then open the media program and insert a disk in the drive. The computer will then ask what the user is trying to do. Select "Burn to CD", then go to the pictures file and select each picture individually or select an entire group of pictures.

When you insert a game and play it. It will ask about what hard drive device you'd like to use. Select whatever device you'd like the save game on and continue. Play the game and it will save.

If you have the most recent version of iTunes and have just downloaded songs the iTunes should ask you is you want to burn those songs to disk. IF you want to burn songs you have downloaded before then swithc to the Music screen, click to select the music you want burned to disk, use the File menu to access the Library option, insert blank disk into your comuter and select the Burn Playlist to Disk option, enjoy. If the disk will not burn then check if the disk you inserted into the computer is blank

One can find a free download for Microsoft Excel by visiting Yahoo or ask. Izito offers free downloads for Microsoft Excel as well. One can find the 2001 download for Excel on cnet.

Dear Uncle <insert name here>: I am writing to you to ask if I could spend the holidays with you at your home. I would like to stay from <insert date here> to <insert date here> My <insert name of parent or guardian> has given me permission to ask. <Insert reason for your request> I've always enjoyed spending time with you and would love to spend the holidays with you this year. Thank you! <insert your name here>

I guess you'd say "My name is (insert name) I am (insert age) years old and I come from (insert place eg state/suurb) which is in (insert country/continent).

Dont think so, they are made totally different, gas would need to be vented somehow. The electric only uses a fan to blow heater coil heat at you. Gas logs are usually inserted into a normal fireplace, using the existing vent system. You should call a chimney service and ask them about it..

This depends on your DVD burning software but this is normally how the DVD burning process takes place. 1. Open your DVD burning program 2. Insert the DVD movie you want to copy 3. The programs detects the DVD movie in your drive, select copy DVD. 4. Wait for the copying process to finish. When the DVD burning software is done copying it will pop out the DVD movie you previously inserted and will ask you to insert a blank DVD. 5. Insert a blank DVD. 6. DVD burning process takes place. 7. Be patient and wait for the burning process to finish, when its done the DVD burning software will pop out your newly burned DVD. That's it!

You are not allowed to ask any questions that are racist, homophobic, intended as bullying, or otherwise insulting.Here are some typical question patterns related to behavior that would be insulting:"Why would a person degrade themselves by [insert activities of a marginalized group]?""Why would a person be so stupid as to [insert behavior]?""Why would [insert name or group] do [insert disgusting act]?""How can someone commit [insert criminal behavior]?"

This is not a question. Please ask this question again using words that indicate what you want to know. Excel can use many different types of lists.

all you have to do is go to your inventory and select remove or move and you select and then thet'll ask you some questions

simple really get office asistant the best is the dog and ask him

Use the built in Help (F1 key) ask the question there!

I don't KNOW ask a teacher or your parents

Just plug in your Iphone and under the sync tab select contacts. At the bottom click apply. It will ask if you want to delete your iphones contacts select no. Then it will ask if you want to merge contacts. Select that one and you are good to go.

You go to Explorer toolbar and select "tools", select "Internet Options", select "General". In top box, type the URL of the home page you want to use and select it as "default".

nowhere but ask a teacher for guidance. you can also use a calculator

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