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I do not believe this is true. For some people it can be harder to get pregnant at first. It can take a few months for the pill to "get out of your system." But that isn't true for eveyrone. I personally know a girl that got pregnant one day after she stopped taking the pill. This is something you should call a doctor and get more information on. But I was on the pill for about 3 years and I have a perfectly healthy baby boy who is now 2.

I have actually been told & read that women who have taken the pill for a long period of time - generally have a better chance of getting pregnant sooner - after coming off the pill. Most doctors don't even say you need to wait to try.

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Q: When you stop taking birth control after taking it for a year will it affect your pregnancy in the long run?
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Can drinking while on birth control affect you and cause pregnancy?

No it can't as long as you are taking your birth control pills as instructed and not missing any. Marcy

Can taking antibiotics for a urine infection make you have a positive pregnancy test?

antibiotics lessen the affect of birth control pills

What should you do if you get pregnant while on birth control?

If you suspect pregnancy has occurred when taking birth control, you need to have the pregnancy confirmed by your Doctor. If you indeed are pregnant, you must stop taking birth control as it can harm the unborn child.

What are symptoms of pregnancy when you are on the birth control pill?

The same as when your not on birth control pill. Birth control can cause pregnancy symptoms when you've recently started taking it within the last 3 months.

Does immodium affect the birth control pill?

Immodium does not affect the birth control pill. You can use them both without increased risk of pregnancy.

Can steroids affect birth control?

If you're taking steroids, I wouldn't bother taking birth control, steroids can make you sterile.

Taking birth control during pregnancy?

Not sure what you are asking. but NO, you should not be taking birth control during pregnancy. However, if you are taking oral contraceptive pills or depot provera and discover you are pregnant, you should not worry. Women who were on the birth control pill or depot provera during their pregnancy do not have any problems with their pregnancy i.e. they can carry the pregnancy to term and without any fetal abnormalities from the hormones. BUT if you are on birth control and find out you are pregnant, please STOP the birth control, unless you intend to get an abortion. In which case you should resume the birth control the day of the abortion. and if you are using condoms, you should continue to use that through pregnancy for STD prevention purposes not for birth control.

Do cephalosporins affect the birth control pill?

Birth control pills may not work properly when taken at the same time as cephalosporins. To prevent pregnancy, other methods of birth control should be used in addition to the pills while taking cephalosporins.

When you stop taking birth control will it affect your period?


Do vaccinations affect birth control?

There are no methods of birth control that are made less reliable by taking an immunization.

What other symptoms can occur after you stop taking birth control pills?


Can the birth control pill cause miscarriage?

No it does not. Birth control and/or emergency contraception pills do not work that way. They will not affect a pregnancy once it has begun. If you do not wish to continue your pregnancy seek help though your local Planned Parenthood or women's clinic. Taking an "overdose" also will not stop an existing pregnancy.

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