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Tearing a piece of paper is a physical change.

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For a start, you'll have at least two pieces of paper, instead of one.

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Just a physical change

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Q: When you tear a piece of paper what type of change takes place?
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Is folding a piece of paper physical?

Yes it's a physical change. No new substance is formed,

A change of phase takes place at a constant what?

A change of phase takes place at a constant temperature.

What change takes place in the cell membrane if a signal molecule causes a transport protein to open?

A permeability change takes place.

When cheese is cut into a slices does a chemical formula takes place.?

I assume you mean chemical "change" and the answer is no, it is a physical change that takes place.

How does reusing paper save water?

It takes a lot of water to change wood chips into paper. It takes much less water to make paper out of recycled paper. It's a much easier process.

What reaction takes place when chewing a piece of bread for several minutes?


When sugar is heated for a short time a thick colorless liquid substance is formed What kind of change takes place?

A chemical change takes place.

What takes place when a substance undergoes a chemical change?

well the way i learned it, if you cannot bring something back to its original state its a chemical change. if you can, then its a physical change.For example-burning paper is a chemical change because you cannot bring that piece of paper back from the ashes.wrinkling paper is a physical change because you can unwrinkle the paper and bring it back to its original state.

Where do you place the piece that has been promoted in chess?

The newly promoted piece takes up the same square where the promotion occurred .

What kind of change that takes place when sugar is heated at a short time?

a chemical change take a place

A change of phase takes place at a constant?


Is it true when a physical change that takes new substances are formed?

It is false. When a physical change takes place, the colors, texture, brittleness will change.