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In the properties of a folder; General tab, its saying that the files in that folder is read-only and not the folder itself. Secondly, if you're not an admin of the computer, the admin person may have put restrictions on your account thus stopping you from making any changes so my best guess would be that you have a nice yarn with the admin to release some restrictions. Or the files under your account (see above) at the time of creation is locked to admin permissions only hence that is why the customize function is disabled. You can cheat by creating new folders and transfer the files you want and then you can do the things you want such as customizing it, etc. In case you are the admin. there is not customizing function for set folders created by the programmer. But be careful with system files and the like as the OS may be lost due to the moving of files to new folders NS location that the OS can't recognize at the time of OS installation hence can cause unwanted problems like OS can't boot up!!!

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Q: When you use Customize this Folder option in view button in Win98 responds This Folder is either marked read-only or system administrator disabled this option?
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