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Sounds to me like you need a new turn signal switch.

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How can you use a mirror to signal a friend in the house across the street?

You can point a mirror towards the sunlight, which would cause the light to reflect off the mirror, and if the mirror is tilted to a position towards your friends house, then the light will bounce off into his/her house.

Why is there a brief delay in transmission of an impulse across the synapse?

This is the change point. From a electrical signal to a chemical signal. Vesicles must diffuse across the cleft to carry signal chemically to the next neuron.

When you turn right signal on the left signal gets brighter and the right signal light goes out?

You have a problem with your ground. A weak ground will always cause this type problem.

Which type of signal is used across neurons when propagating a signal?

Chemical. (Called neuro-transmitters.)

What are chemicals that transmit a signal across a synapse?


What is Baseband Signalling?

A Baseband signalling is the way information is sent across a network. It describes the signal that is used, in this case it uses a block signal to send data across a network.

Laptop you get a wireless signal from a library across the street but your signal is very low sometimes no signal what can you do to get a better signal?

You could attach an external directional antenna. Google for 'wireless antenna'.

Can you send a digital signal across an analog wave?

of course

Is there problem of multiple access interference and intersymbol interference problem in gsm?

MAI cause a significant problem when the power level of the desired signal is higher than that of the interfering signal. Multiuser detection(MUD) uses the information present in the MAI to decode the signal.

What can you use a signal generator to find?

To trace a problem in an amplifier. Send in a signal and trace its' path.

Can wireless signal affect your health?

not enough for anyone to notice

What are neurontransmitters?

a chemical that transmits a nervous systems signal across a synapse.

What is the function of signal peptide?

to translocate polypeptides across the ER membrane

My brother-in-law has recently bought Samsung LED TV. But when I tried it I felt that the picture is getting blurred. Can anyone solve this kind of problem?

If this is a new television then it is almost certainly a problem with the signal. If an alternative signal doesn't fix the issue then it's time to get in touch with Samsung who will no doubt offer to repair of replace the model.

Changing front signal bulbs on RSX?

Front signal bulbs on a RSX are changed from the engine bay. Find the lightbulbs for the signal bulbs located towards the bumper of the vehicle. Pull them out and replace them.

Where is the switch for brights on a 1994 Chevy beretta?

I had this same problem when I first got my 94 beretta. To switch from your regular lights to brights, you have to pull the turning signal lever towards you to switch between normal and brights.

If the turn signal flasher on my instrument panel doesn't flash but the turn signal does what could be the problem?

Burnt out bulb.

Which is the definition of competence in developmental biology?

Competence is the ability of a cell by which it can respond towards a signal.

Where is the dimmer switch on 1995 Chevy Suburban?

It is the turning signal lever. Pull it towards you.

How does the neural signal get across the neuromuscular junction?

a neurotransmitter chemical crosses the junction.

The chemical that transmits the signal across the neuromuscular junction is called?

It is usually acetylcholine

Who was first to transmit a radio signal across the Atlantic?

Marconi in December 1901

Who was the first person to transmit a radio signal across the Atlantic?

Guglielmo Marconi

Neural transmission across a mammalian synaptic gap is accomplished by?

impulses causing the release of a chemical signal and its diffusion across the synapse.

Why don't your turn signal lights work in my 1991 Isuzu pickup?

Most common problem --turn signal flasher needs replacement Could also be a problem in steering column