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Answer It doesn't mean anything. You had a wet dream, that's all.

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What does a wet dream feel like?

All a wet dream is is when your asleep you may think of sex and sperm will come out u may wake up or you may not wake up when a wet dream is happening You (generally) dream that you are doing something sexual (having sex, seeing someone naked etc.) Then you wake up and see that you have ejaculated in your sleep. If you wake up when you ejaculate wet dreams are great and extremely stimulating.

Girls have their period what do boys have?

they have wet when they wake up their underwear is wet..look it up

Why do you wake up and your vagina is wet?

Sex/ someone fingerd you

Why your pants are wet at morning when you wake up?

Bc u beatoff at night and forget to clean it. There called wet dream dumb

Why do girls wake up wet?

This question is not completely clear. There is 2 possible answers. One occurs to boys and girls which is when you have a wet dream or nightmare and you wake up and you realise that your wet dream has triggered you to wet yourself. OR You could have started your period which is when you have turned into a women because of puberty. This means you are physically able to have a baby/child.

What does it mean when you dream of wet socks?

when u dream of wet sock it means that u r weird

Why do men like to have wet dreams?

A wet dream is a subconscious bodily function, you cannot control it. Wet dreams can occur for several reasons, including having an arousing dream, or just your body "letting off steam" so to speak. You dream about something sexual and it feels as if it were real you then wake up being so turned on and just feel so good. I don't masturbate (in order to get wet dreams), but when I wake up after having a wet dream I masturbate like crazy.

What does it mean when a girl has a wet dream?

That they had a dream that they had sex with a guy without condom

What does it mean to dream about buying a black skirt and find it has a wet spot in the front and as I turn my arm touches the wet spot and I smell it and realize is urine.?

This appears to be a variant on dreams urging the dreamer to wake up to use the toilet.

What does it mean when you dream of your cat in a washing machine?

Dreams often pick up figurative phrases and expressions, presenting them in as literal pictures and dramas. This dream sounds as if someone is "mad as a wet cat."

What does it mean when you have wet dreams about a close friend?

It's probably just a wet dream. It might not mean anything or you might really like him/her.

What are the catchwords that start with wet?

I believe you mean catchphrases, not catchwords. Some catchphrases that begin with wet are wetback, wet bar, wet blanket, wet dream, wet noodle, wet nurse, and wet suit.

What does you Have A Dream mean?

A wet dream? It's where a guy goes through puberity and his penis "leaks" fluid out during his sleep.

What does it mean if someone says you're wet?

You wash it

Do women wake up wet?


What does it mean when a 12 year old squirts out sperm?

He's reached puberty.He's just masturbated or had a wet dream.He's old enough to make someone pregnant.

What does it mean when a girl has a sexual dream about you and wakes up wet?

It means she wants you to have sex with her

Should a 6 year old boy have slimy underwear when he wakes up in the morning Does this mean a wet dream already?

No this is not a wet dream, a wet dream is when a boy ejaculates in his sleep and a boy can't ejaculate until he is in puberty. A boy who is 6 years old is certainly not in puberty yet.

Why might someone dream of owning the game Wet?

One might dream of owning the game Wet, possibly because of the game play quality the game possesses. However there are other factors such as graphics and the game's storyline.

What does it mean to dream of someome with wet hair?

There is no particular significance to dreams about wet hair. It might simply illustrate feelings that could be described by the common expression "all wet," or "wet behind the ears."

What does it mean when you dream about a guy you like breakin' your cherry?

You mean "popping" your "Cherry"... and it could possible just be a wet dream or it could be that you really like him. You could try asking him out and just go from there, never know- he might actually like you back. But personally i think it was jsut a wet dream...

What does it mean to dream of ducks?

It basically means that you weren't sufficient enough to be Goose. If you was in the pool swimming then you was most certainly having a wet dream.

Why do you have wet dreams and you are a girl whos ten?

it means you are getting to puberty right... i am a ten year old girl who has dicharge and a wet dream i am in 5th grade wat does it mean if a girl has a wet dream?... I had one sex in it. ugh yuck doese it mean i am close to puberty or wat ppl. thx bye.

What does it mean when you dream of being in a wet suit?

It is not clear whether the dream is about a wet suit used for surfing or scuba diving, or an ordinary suit of clothes that is wet. In the first case, the dream suggests the dreamer needs to "dive" or "go deep," probably into memories or into some sort of research. In the second case, the wet clothing could illustrate the common expression, "he's all wet," meaning, thoroughly mistaken.

What does it mean when you say someone is all wet?

When you say someone is all wet, it means he doesn't know what he's talking about. Equivalent to "he's full of it."