When your bearded dragon inflates it's stomach what is it doing?

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It feels threatened so it will make itself look bigger by doing that and when they make their throat black, that is to make them seem scary.
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What is a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragon lizards are native to Australia. They live in rocky and arid regions of the country and are adept climbers. Dragons have large triangular heads and flat bodies with pointed ridges along the sides. They are omnivorous, eating both insects and plants

Does a bearded dragon shed it's skin?

Yes. An adult will shed its skin every 6-8 weeks.. A baby will shed throughout its growth cycle. Sometimes as often as every 2 weeks. It will also do an entire body shed. As they get older and their growth slows down the frequency will lessen. An adult will only shed a couple of times a year and it ( Full Answer )

What dos the stomach do?

The stomach is one of the principal organ in your digestive system. The stomach holds the swallowed food for up to four hours depending on the amount of food, churning it to a pulp and initiating digestion, then passes it on by degrees into the duodenum.

Can bearded dragons live with other bearded dragons?

Male and Female beardies should not live together unless they are mating, but you can have two females living together. You can usually have many babies together. If the beardies start to fight do not let them be together!!! If you have an adult and a baby I recommend putting them in separate cages ( Full Answer )

Bones in bearded dragon beard?

There are no bones in a beardie's beard. The beard is a flap of skin that they fill with air to get their point across.

Why can some people inflate their stomachs?

you dont have to have some sort of disorder or anything to inflate your stomach. just get a pump to inflate a basketball and lube the end of the needle with some vaseline. then gently stick the tube up your butt and start pumping gently and feel the air flow into your bowels. watch your belly inflat ( Full Answer )

Why are bearded dragons called bearded dragons?

They have small hairs on their chin (flot). Even though people say dragons are mystical, the Bible talks a lot about mystical creatures in revelation. Just thought I should say that>>>

Are Bearded Dragons related to Dragons?

No - since the dragon is a mythical creature. The Bearded Dragon got its name from its resemblance to the description of dragons in folklore.

Can your stomach recover from inflation?

from air inflation up your butt, yah, so long as you didn't burst your intestine, that'll probably kill you, but yah youll fart the air out in time and eventually your stomach will shrink back down

How do you inflate stomach?

why in the heck would you want to inflate your stomach? when you are giving cpr and its done the wrong way air is forced into your stomach and thats a bad thing so i believe you would inflate your stomach only for surgical needs... but dont quote me on that.

What is the purpose of the beard on a bearded dragon?

There really isn't a purpose. They sometimes show their moods, with their beard though. If it is black, they are tryng to cool off, or if it's "Mating season" , they may act that way very often.

What do bearded dragons eat and what eats bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragons eat crickets, mealworms, superworms, and pinkie mice. Mainly The younger ones like crickets. The older ones like mealworms, superworms, and pinkies. Dont feed them pinkies until they are older and can handle large food like that. oh and the person that typed this before me, you obvio ( Full Answer )

Do bearded dragons eat other bearded dragons?

No, they do not eat each other. They only do when they are little. Sometimes you will find a bearded dragon with a missing toe because their brothers/sisters have bit them off.

Why does a bearded dragon have a beard?

Bearded dragons have a beard for a defensive threat display. When threatened they puff up their beard, so that it comes out to make it look bigger. It also opens its mouth and hisses. The threat is rarely seen in captivity.

How big is a bearded dragon beard?

Adult bearded dragons are a average of 15 to 24 inches in length, while hatchlings are between 3 to 4 inches at birth. Hope I helped xx

Why does your bearded dragon wave to the new bearded dragon?

it's a sign of submission! they are saying "hello i am a friendly dragon! please don't eat me!" :) hope this helps! Waving is also part of the build up to mating, during this time (along with other behaviours) the male will nod at the female who will wave in return.

How do you tell a female bearded dragon from a male bearded dragon?

normally the male has 2 visible bulges near the base of the tail or the slit. these are the hemepenes but a female has only one large bulge. you probably cant tell until they're about 6 months-1 year old anyway. And the males have bumps on their back legs and females don't.

What can you do with a Bearded dragon?

Well, you can play with them. Overall, they might be a bit boring, because they like to bask in the sun. But you can walk them, play with them, stroke them, and feed them, and it is really fun. Answer sent in by: Brevityman

How do you inflate your stomach?

To inflate ur stomach you have to pump air in to it. One way is through the mouth or through the anus. Personally it is easier to go in through the anus. It although might hurt a bit but it goes away very shortly after it. I did do it it once and it hurt but it went away. Hope this helps.

Why is a bearded dragon called a bearded dragon?

When a bearded dragon gets scared, a pouch near the throat inflates and darkens, so as to intimidate the foe. They also look like small dragons. Also the beardie is showing off. My beardie looks at himself while he is sunbathing and just blows out his beard to show how strong or good he looks. He ( Full Answer )

Why do bearded dragons put their beards out?

beardies put their beard out sometimes to display aggression if there is another male or just something as simple as picking it up the wrong way. but the cool thing about beardies is that when it is about to rain out they can sense the drop in temperature and they stick their beards out but if you k ( Full Answer )

Is a bearded dragon a dragon?

The term "Dragon" is largely used for any reptile of the Agamid family, including but not limited to water dragons, sailfin dragons, moutain horned dragons, etc. If this family of reptiles is what you mean by "dragon," then yes, Bearded Dragons are also Agamids. If you are referring to the kind t ( Full Answer )

What dos a bearded dragon help with?

after the years of having bearded dragons breeding them and stuff like that well what i think is that some bearded dragons have the own mood now mine bearded dragon well he thinks he is a human and he always wants to sleep on people and cuddle with people exception girl friend his name is bubbles i ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a bearded dragon puffs up his stomach?

When a bearded dragon puffs up it's stomach it usually means one of two things. First thing, which is the more common, is taking up heat. A beardie will always make itself as large as possible in order to take in as much heat as possible, which then allows it to survive longer when away from the ( Full Answer )

How long can your bearded dragon stay out of it's enclosure?

It depends how warm your house is. if you keep it really warm, you should be able to keep it out for a long time, but remember, they are cold blooded so it is best to make sure they stay safe in their cage MOST of the time.

Can male bearded dragons hurt female bearded dragons?

Yes, its very common so keep them separated until they are used to each other. Do this buy taking them both out regularly but separately. After they both recognize you as a friend then take them out together but one in each hand and if one of their beards get black, put them BOTH away and try again ( Full Answer )

How is it to have a bearded dragon?

Its an amazing experience, they are great and very cheap pets. They are easy and great first time pets but they are difficult to cuddle 😂

Do bearded dragons get stomach aches?

Yes bearded dragons can get stomach aches due to: Eating mealworms, meal worms have hard exoskeletons with very little meat andcan make your bearded dragon constipated, Over feeding, orinteracting with your bearded dragon less than 2 hrs after he/shehas eaten, you have to allow your pet to bask for ( Full Answer )

How does a bearded dragon fight off another bearded dragon?

I haven't seen much fighting out of beardies but here's what I'veseen: it usually starts out with the head bobbing up and down andtheir beards turning black and puffing out, then some hissing maytake place and then they lunge at each other every so often tryingto bite and claw each other. It is some ( Full Answer )