When your best friend is not telling you any secrets about other people?


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  • You have an honest and true friend because if someone else tells them a secret and your friend tells you that secret it doesn't become a secret any longer and they have betrayed the other person and it could well start gossip. Be thankful your friend is not sharing secrets of others and if you are honest about it you are simply curious. Take some lessons from your friend ... a secret is a secret that someone has entrusted a person with.
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There are lots of different reasons friendships break:1. Your friend might gossip bad things to other people behind your back2. Your friend will ignore you and hang out with other people3. Your friend might have arguments because you have other friends4. Your friend might tell your secrets to to other peopleThere are lots of reasons why friendships break!

* If your friend truly is your friend then she will not allow anything to come between your friendship and if she does, then she was never your friend to begin with. Friendship is about honestly, reliability, telling each other secrets and trust that each of you will keep that secret. However, there is nothing wrong with you or your best friend having other friends as well. Be sure you aren't being a little jealous and learn to share your friend and get to know her other friends.

Well, This question is pretty complicated. You can tell your friend by telling your other friend to talk to your friend that you hate her/him or you can text or leave him a message or something..

Everyone holds back some secrets for one reason or another. If you know you can trust your best friend and tell them what you are about to say is confidential then tell them the lesser of any secrets you may have to test your friend's ability to keep the secret. If your friend cannot keep the secret and tells other it will be less damaging and embarrassing to you. If they can keep that secret after a couple of months then you should feel free to tell your secrets to your best friend.

That question should not be asked here, and at all. The staff have kept telling us MNIers that it is not good to give each other the secrets. That's why they're called secrets, obviously

Qualities of true friendship:Honesty (never lying to each other no matter if you feel it may hurt your friend at the time.) Example: You friend may start doing drugs (not accusing them) and you know it is not a good thing they are doing. To be a good friend you should let them know you disapprove even if it means you risk losing your friendship.Loyalty (remaining loyal to a best friend when others may be against them.)Being able to tell each other your innermost secrets without fear they will repeat the secrets to other people they know.Being there for each other for a shoulder to cry on.

This friend that you speak of, doesn't sound very trust worthy. You could talk to your friend, tell them that you don't appreciate them telling your other friends your personal things. That when you talk to your friend you're confiding in them and trusted that they wouldn't tell other people what your thoughts. Something to that extent. Or you could not trust that your friend will keep your thoughts to themselves and stop telling them your personal problems. These are mere suggestions, but I hope that my advice helps you out. If you'd like to talk you can message me if you'd like.

My question, is your friend out? Does he/she tell everyone that he/she is gay? If not, then telling people that your best friend is gay isn't something you should do. Besides, what difference does it make? Does it really matter whether they know or not? Do these people ask if your friend is gay or you wanting to volunteer the information? If this person is truly your "bestest" friend, then whether gay, straight, or bi, it shouldn't matter. Other people don't need to know. If your friend is okay with them knowing then telling them shouldn't be a problem. I personally wouldn't just go around telling everyone my best friend is gay, not that I would be embarrassed, but being over flamboyant about it may be a bit much. My next question is, "Why would you even care or want to tell them?" If it were to come up in conversation and they ask, then I can understand, and if that is what you are referring to then just tell them, this person is supposed to be your best friend and you shouldn't care what others think. If you are just wanting to go around telling them your have a gay best friend, think about WHY, before you do that.

It is relatively easy to write a letter to a friend to wish him happy birthday. Start by wishing him a happy birthday, then consider telling what makes him your friend. On the other hand, consider telling a story that you remember about something you did together.

People are telling other people not to take care of them badly.

even if girls are best friends, they usually don't tell each other their deepest and darkest secrets. usually i start off telling my friends little secrets, not too big ones but i always tell them not to tell anyone. then if someone who i didn't tell knows i know who to blame and you know who you can trust and who you can't.

a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something (noun)to believe in the truth or reliability of someone or something (verb)confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more other people (legal term)

"Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people."

If you want to know if she is a good friend than she has to tell you her secrets not just you. She does not talk behind you back. She does not ditch you to hang with other people. She does not tell you what to do and always tells you the truth. You both have to have fun with eachother. You have to help each other out with different problems in each others life. Good friends do that!

Yes. The definition of a friend is someone you know and like.

*you think he likes her back, Continuation: 'Cause if you do, you won't be as close as before, you won't tell each other secrets anymore, cause he knows you'll get hurt. And if you don't, you'll just have to keep listening to him telling you how much he likes his crush. So, what are you gonna do? Will you tell or not?

When Victor Frankenstein talks of physical secrets of the world, he means the other secrets other than just secrets of the heaven and the earth.

If they don't acknoledge you as a friend, then get a new group. And if you think they are lame because you can't make them laugh other than telling jokes then find someone of your friend standards. Hope it helps~

listen keep secrets joke give advise make conversations

You did not specify what government you are talking about, but I can assure all governments have some secrets, as they deal with monetary, health care, and other business secrets that need to be undisclosed for the benefit of the people. I do not think there is an exhaustive list to how many secrets one government has, but if you count all the business secrets together with the confidentialities you get thousands of individual secrets.

telling other people her thoughts by touching them and penetrating shields

telling other people her thoughts by touching them and penetrating shields

by telling other people about the kingdom of God

Take some some to talk to your friend. Tell her that everything your other friends said is not true. Make her realize that you really want to be her friend again. Also ask her for a second chance, so you can prove to her that your an amazing friend. If your friend agrees to be your friend again, you should go up to your other friend's and tell them that nothing can come between (name of friend) and I.

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