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you don't have to stop thinking about him just try not to call him he is on vacation to clear his mind and relax let him do that when he comes back he will most likely have missed you soooo much that he'll spend a couple of days exclusively with you don't worry the time will fly by try going out witht he girls to a club or dinner or something hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-17 18:10:30
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Q: When your boyfriend is on vacation how do you stop thinking about him?
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i will go for family vacation

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Maybe Its Love ;)

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Have sex with him or tell him to, well... beat it, for lack of a better term.

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How can you tell if your boyfriend is thinking about breaking up with you?

He will stop calling you, or he won't be very interested in what you say anymore.

Why can't i stop thinking of my boyfriend?

the reason you cant stop thinking about your boyfriend is because love does that to people. you love people so you think about them when your not around them!! that's just how it works! its great, don't u think? love is a very strong word and it has that effect on people! <3

How do you stop thinking about a guy?

there's a couple ways. 1: get a boyfriend 2: call him 3: tell him how you feel

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That means that you must be a very special person and that he thinks you are very special too.

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have some fun with your friends.. yes, its not easy.. but in just a little time, you could not think of your boyfriend because you had fun laughing and chatting with your friends..

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"I can't stop thinking about you" by Steve Moakler

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he is not thinking about marriage

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Just be her friend. She might get upset if you actually try and show that you love her. Don't try and get too close to her or her boyfriend might get angry. Don't stop liking her but like her at a distance

I can't stop thinking about how I want to marry my boyfriend of two years am I crazy for thinking this way because I'm only twenty and so is he?

No I think if You love him that much go for it you dont have to marry straight away !

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i have just broke up with my boyfriend, and i cant stop thinking about him. Either tell him how you feel or just leave him, you never know, you may have another chance sooner or later. He may regret it !

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