When your tamagotchi dies and you start over how do get twin tamagotchis?


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I'm afraid its impossible to get twin tamagotchis. It is merely a myth. Source here: http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=3543

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That means you just need to reset it and start over you killed your tamagotchi

if you want ur tamagotchi to grow you'll have 2 play with it and over time it will evolve.

you cant you have to wait for your adult to leave and you start all over with the new tamagotchi baby --MewMew

The Match Maker will look through a book and choose the right match for your Tamagotchi, just leave him/her alone while he/she looks through their book. After they've chosen, it should come up with another Tamagotchi and a sign saying "Marry? Yes/No?" or something. It's your chose if you want THEM to marry or if you want them NOT to marry.(NOTE) If your Tamagotchi never marries, it will get old and die without a child to continue where it left off. This means, you will have to create a new Tamagotchi and start all over again.

Press the reset button on the back and start over with a new egg.

Your tamagotchis travel- it goes 3 different places and repeats over and over until you press c button and choose 'come back'. There is no pause button so it is a substitute button for it-everything stops, growth, etc. As if nothing ever happened

If mario dies in your game, you start all over. die too many times, and it's game over.

Depending on your Tamagotchi. If it is a v4 and up, than no. if not, i do not know.

turns over strong. might start and run for a couple of blocks but then dies.

There has been over 44 versions created since the first created tamagotchi.

tamagotchi is OVER i dont think they're gonna make any more

If an attorney dies during the middle of your case you will be reassigned a new one. Essentially you will start over.

The tamagotchi has to be atleast 4 years old. It can be over 4 but no less than 4.

One person goes over to the heart on the main screen and choose it with the (B) button. Select whichever version the other person's is (for example if yours is a V4.5 and your friends is a V4 hit the "V4" link, if your friends is a V3 hit the "OTHERS" link, etc.). Hold the Tamagotchis with the fronts facing each other and have one person press the (B) button. It will say either "SUCCESS" or "FAIL" or something like that. If a success, proceed with sending gifts or playing games or visiting each other. If a fail, make sure that the two Tamagotchis are compatible with each other and try again. If after a lot of tries, if you know that the two Tamagotchis are compatible for sure, then check the batteries on both of them and keep trying. P.S. V1s can only connect to V1s and V5s and V6s can only connect to V5s and V6s. V2, V3, V4, and V4.5 can all connect to each other. P.P.S. Only Tamagotchi Connections can connect at all (hence the name "Tamagotchi Connection"). P.P.P.S. Good luck!

Your old pet's gone and you can't bring it back. Sorry, you have to start over.

A Tamagotchi evolves over time. 1 day is 1 year. To find out what your Tamagotchi can evolve into, check my blog out: http://tamagotchirocks.wordpress.com/ For the V4 evolution Chart go to: http://tamagotchirocks.wordpress.com/tamagotchi-v4-evolution-chart/

One way is to disconnect your remote start and see if the battery dies over the next few days. If not then reconnect the remote start and see if it then dies....if so then yep its your problem.

it will show like this little grave thing that says r.i.p it may start you over or not

it can turn into a parent once your tamagotchi has reached the age of 6 but that's version2 in version 4 of over you have to wait till your an adult .

do this# Don't Feed It. This is a crucial step to getting rid of your tamagotchi. Hungry Tamagotchis aren't happy tamagotchis, and you know what happens to unhappy tamagotchi's... Basically, not feeding it will get things to fall apart. Sounds horrible, but if you're desperate...Starve it.# 3Don't Clean Up Its Waste. Another crucial step. Just imagine a person in a room full of this sort of waste: if nothing else, they'd die from the fumes eventually.# 4Don't Turn Out the Lights at Night. Combined with the waste step mentioned above, this is another small detail that will help you kill your tama.# 5If It Gets Sick, Don't Give It Medicine. If you've just fed your tamagotchi too many snacks or it just gets sick, don't give it any medicine. This will most definitely hasten things up -a sick tamagotchi is not a healthy one.# 6Don't Play With It. Playing games with your tamagotchi makes it happy, and that's not going to kill it off. So just leave the tamagotchi alone - don't do anything with it. Simply treat it like a battery chicken and it'll save you some time, in the end.# 7Don't Pet It. Again, giving your tamagotchi positive attention will result in making it happy and that won't help you at all. Don't praise your tamagotchi, pet it, or anything. Leave it by itself, alone.# 8Reset it. Flip your tamagotchi toy and press the button on the back and save yourself the time of waiting for it to die. After resetting it, a new egg should appear and you can start over just like new.Overfeed your tamagotchi. It makes them very unhealthy, gives them toothaches, and will definitely shorten their lifespan. ## 10If you have the version 4 model, check the fortune cookies that come in the mail. Try to work on the area's that have the most stars. The less stars the better!

it dies and is hard to start ,just keep turning it over about 20 to 30 seconds at a time and it will start back

Yes- Over 100 cheats you have to find them out

You can play games , meet other tamagotchi's you can get your tamagotchi pregnant and basically just look after it :) And you can do over 10 diffrent jobs (new only on v4)

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