Where Buddhism began?

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Buddhism began in ancient India, around the 500s BC.

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Q: Where Buddhism began?
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Who began Buddhism?

the buddha or the enlightened one began Buddhism

Where and when did Buddhism began?

Buddhism began in 563 BCE. Siddhartha Gautama was born in Nepal in 563 BCE. Buddhism is thought to have began in India during the 5th century BCE.

What did Buddhism and Hinduism begin?

Buddhism began with Siddhartha Gautama and Hinduism began with observations of the Earth and the universe.

Where did Zen Buddhism begin?

It began in China where it is called "ch'an" or "Chan" Buddhism. It began when practices of Indian Buddhism were blended with native Chinese Daoist practices. It later spread to Korea (where it is called "son" Buddhism) and to Japan (where it is called "zen" Buddhism). .

Which river runs through the area where Buddhism began?

Buddhism began on the border where India meets Nepal. The nearest river is the Kalapani River.

Which river runs through area where Buddhism began?

Buddhism began on the border where India meets Nepal. The nearest river is the Kalapani River.

In which country did Buddhism begin?

Buddhism began in India. It is now mostly practised in China.

What is the name of the country were Buddhism began?


Where was Buddhism founded or began?

Northeast India

What religions began in India?

Buddhism and Hinduism

When did Buddhism first start?

Buddhism began over 2500 years ago, in what is now Nepal.

Where did Buddhism faith began at?

It began in Northern India around 2,540 years ago.

What was the country of origin of Buddhism?

Buddhism originated in northern India, and developed from Hinduism.Buddhism began in India in the 6th century BC-BCE.

Which religions began on the Indian subcontinent?

Hinduism and Buddhism

What is the date Buddhism began?

it is in 1500bc between 2000bc

What is the empire Buddhism began?

Buddism (sic) is not an empire.

When was the year Buddhism began?

2553 years ago

Which nation was where Buddha founded Buddhism?

Buddhism began in what is now India, in the area of Bihar, Northern India.

When was Buddhism practiced?

Buddhism began with the Buddha in about 440 BCE and has been continuously practiced from then until now.

From where did Zen Buddhism originate?

Japan, after Buddhism began spreading from China to North and South Korea then to Japan

When did Buddhism emerge?

Buddhism began to emerge during the 4th, 5th, or 6th century. No one knows an exact date. Buddhism is practiced primarily in Asia.

What was the date Buddhism began?

back to the year 580 BC

What two major religions began in India?

Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddhism and what other religion both began in India?


What two groups of people began to fight for control of the government when Buddhism began to spread in Japan?

in 1914