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The Southtown was a theater on 63rd just East of Halsted in the Englewood shopping district. The Southtown was one of the last truly opulant movie houses built. I think is was built in the 30's. It was located on 63rd Street about a block or so east of Halsted St. on Chicago's south side. It had approx. 3200 seats, a pond with waterfall in the grand lobby. The pond had swans, ducks and fish. There was also a 'nursury' room with cribs and rocking horses. I believe it had between or aisles on the main floor. As a child in the early to mid 1950's going to the Southtown was a magical place where you could incidentally see a movie. You can find more information and a photo of the theatre here:

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Q: Where and what was the Southtown of Chicago?
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