Section 8 Housing

Where and when can you sign up for section 8 housing in Herndon Va?


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Check with the local housing authority there.

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You can sign up at Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority for Section 8. Contact them at 2607 Salem Turnpike Northwest, Roanoke, VA‎ - (540) 983-9281‎

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I'm not sure about VA,but here in NC we just go to our local county's Housing Authority to apply. Hope this was helpful. Section 8 for low income housing is actually a program administered by the United States but distributed and worked generally through your local housing authority. Contact the local housing authority in your area to apply .

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Can you receive a section 8 voucher if you are a convicted felon in va

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You should speak with HUD (Housing and Urban Development), should you have questions about low income housing.

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In the state of Va, u will lose your section 8 voucher if u marry a convicted felon. I myself met a really nice guy,hard working, but had drug charges long before. When I inquired with our local housing authority about getting married they said due to his drug convictions, my voucher will be terminated. Hope this helps

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