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I don't really know what you're asking, but I think you mean Australia and Tasmania- which is a state in Australia. Tasmania is the apple or heart shaped island south of Australia. It is sometime called the Apple Isle. Tanzania is a country in Africa. Hope this helps. Aj :)

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Q: Where are Australia and Tanzania?
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Is Mount Kilimanjaro in australia?

No, it's in Tanzania, Africa

Is the most dangerous spider found in Australia?

koshimoko spiders found in Tanzania

Is Mount Kilimanjaro on the west coast of Australia?

No, it is in Tanzania, a country on the east coast of Africa.

What is 33 degrees South of equator statting with letter T?

Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania

What is a place that begins with the letter T?

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How do you spell tazamania?

The correct spelling of the proper noun is Tasmania, an island that is part of Australia.The country of Tanzania is in southeast Africa.

Who are freemasonry in Tanzania?


Does Tanzania have deserts?

No, Tanzania has no deserts.

What is the country code and area code of Tanzania Tanzania?

The country code and area code of Tanzania, Tanzania is 255, (0)4.

Where do most people live in Tanzania?

Tanzania, which is just north of the area south of Tanzania

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Which Peterborough? There are five to choose from, two in Australia one in Canada, one in the UK and one in the USA. Which Toronto. There are five of them as well, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Cuba and Tanzania

What is hello in Tanzania?

Hello is JAMBO in Tanzania

What ocean surrounds Tanzania?

The but surronds Tanzania

What does Tanzania mean?

Tanzania means:angel of the sea

What hemisphere is Tanzania in?

Tanzania is in the Southern Hemisphere

Where is Tanzania UK?

Tanzania is in Africa not the UK

What is there out in Tanzania exactly?

safari's and wildlife are out in Tanzania.

What is the complete name for Tanzania?

The complete name for Tanzania is The United Republic of Tanzania.Hope that helps!

Is Tanzania land locked?

No, Tanzania has a coastline on the Indian Ocean, and the port city of Zanzibar is in Tanzania.

What countries share the Indian Ocean?

Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Australia

What are the release dates for Three Sheets - 2006 Three Sheets to Tanzania 4-2?

Three Sheets - 2006 Three Sheets to Tanzania 4-2 was released on: USA: 27 July 2009 Australia: 11 May 2010

How big is Tanzania?

Tanzania is 947,300 sq km.

Which is an African country -Thailand or Tanzania?


Is Tanzania landlocked?

No, the eastern part of Tanzania is coastal.

Christin church in Tanzania?

Christin church in tanzania?