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The Letter is in the birdhouse in the courtyard

The Hat is in the washing machine in the Laundry Room

The Glove is in the Twins' Room

the Shoe is in the Cinema

And the star is at the end of the shiny trail in the Observatory.

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In the birdhouse on the outside of the mansion by the rec room.

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marios gloves_projection room

marios shoes_twins room

marios star_astral hall

marios hat_laundry room

marios letter_bird house

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in the washer

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in the washing room

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Q: Where are Mario's items in Luigi's Mansion?
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Where is marios paper in Luigis Mansion?

in the basment

Madame clairvoya in luigis mansion?

You must find these 5 Items: Marios Hat: Washer in the Wash room Marios glove: Projector room Marios Letter: Courtyard Marios Star: Shoot the moon is the observatory Marios Shoe:Twins Room

Where are marios boots in luigis mansion?

in the twins room once you beat the twins.

How do you unlock Luigi's Mansion in Mario Super Sluggers?

You go to marios island and go to the piantas shop and purchas Luigis flashlight then you Luigis mansion will appear on the map but you can't enter it in the day time. you have to switch it to night to play on it.

How do you get luigis hammer on Mario and luigi bowsers inside story?

same way you get marios.

Where can you get the luigis mansion luigi figuere?


Where is Mario in luigi's mansion?

trapped in a portrait on the final level of luigis mansion

Will there be a Luigis Mansion 2?

Yes there will be a luigis mansion 2. Its called the elictric boogaloo

Where is the washer in luigis mansion?

probably in the laundry room

How do you get luigis mansion for day in Mario super sluggers for the Wii?

you dont get luigi mansion in the day

Luigis mansion walkthrew?

Go to there are plenty walkthroughs there.

What is luigis vacuum called inluigis mansion?

poltergust 3000