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Where are US soldiers stationed in Iraq?

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The exact location of soldiers and units is considered confidential information and is not the sort of thing to share on a public message board. Watch the news and review news stories and you can figure out the general locations.

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How long has America been stationed in Iraq?

America has been stationed in Iraq since 2001.

How many British troops are stationed in the US?

there are no British Soldiers stationed in the US because that is an act of war and the US is obviously not fighting Great Britain.

Us army presently in Iraq?

Yes, US Army soldiers are still in Iraq

What do US soldiers in Iraq eat?

food.... :|

How many US army soldiers are in Iraq?

About more than millions of them are in Iraq

How many US troops are in Iraq?

Currently in the country of Iraq there is about 200,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. There was about 1 Million until recently when a large number of troops were pulled from Iraq.

How many US troops are currently stationed in Iraq as of 2012?

0. America withdrew its entire force from Iraq by December 16, 2011.

How long has the us soldiers been is Iraq?

the Americans have been in Iraq for 7 years

How many US soldiers are at war in Iraq?


How many US soldiers have wounded in Iraq?


How many US Soldiers are missing in Iraq?


What is the ratio of US soldiers returning home from Iraq to number of US soldiers deaths in Iraq?

there were 4,400 casualties in the war in iraq, and about 200,000 returned home, so your ratio would be just about 50:1

Was Prince Harry in Iraq?

Prince Harry last stationed in Iraq.

How many US soldiers are in Iran?

0 US soldiers are in Iran presently and the US does not have diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979. Maybe you meant Iraq? There are 44,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

How many US soldiers are dead in Iraq?

There are currently 3,381 soldiers dead in the war.

What type of clothing protection did US soldiers have in World War 2?

It depended on where your were stationed

How many service member are currently fighting in the Iraq?

There are approximately 150,000 US servicemembers stationed in that region.

What will Obama do to help the US?

Take the soldiers out of Iraq and get us out of this economic crisis!!

How many US soldiers are in Iraq?

There are approximately 120,000 Soldiers currently in Iraq, we can not give an actual number because it could compromise operational security and become a significant issue for the Soldiers currently in Iraq (give or take a few thousand).Updated in 2011 - there were never more than 165K US Soldiers in Iraq. The peak was in 2007-2008. In the summer of 2011, there are approximately 50K troops in Iraq.

How many US soldiers are serving in Iraq?

alot alot

How many us soldiers were sent to Iraq in 2001?


What is the average age of us soldiers wounded in Iraq?


How many US soldiers have been killed in Iraq?

3,503 American soldiers have been injured/killed in Combat since the war began in Iraq

How many us troops are in the middle east?

Currently, there are only a few thousand US soldiers deployed to the Middle East, but during the height of the surge in Iraq, there were 130,000-150,000 US soldiers in Iraq alone.

2007 how many us soldiers have died in Iraq?

2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006 2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006

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