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Q: Where are all the artifacts in Lego Indiana Jones level Raiders of the Lost Ark?
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How do i get all of the artifacts in the free the slaves level of Lego Indiana Jones?

If you buy the Artifact Detector you can find them easier.

How do you unlock Warehouse level in Lego Indiana Jones?

By getting 2 Finished Artifacts in TLC & finishing Ancient city

What happens when you get all the artifacts in Lego Indiana Jones?

If you get all the artifacts from one level, then you can go to a room where you have a bunch of minikit models, and you can scroll through them and see wich ones you've completed. That's how it is for DS

Were's the math class room in Indiana Jones for the DS?

The math class in LEGO Indiana Jones is some where in a level at least that's what my cousin said. And the right level is in the last crusade and the level is rescue professor Jones :)

When you create the level in LEGO Indiana Jones 2?

beat the first level.

How do you be dinner suit Indiana Jones in Lego Indiana Jones two?

By playing the first level of Temple of Doom you unlock him for free play.

How do you unlock the level creator in Lego Indiana Jones 2?

complete the first level

How do you pass the level of Indiana Jones that has the rolling boulder?

Run and Jump

How do you get the warehouse level in Lego Indiana Jones?

You must complete everything else in the game to get that level.

Where is C3PO in LEGO Indiana Jones?

Play the Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Lost Temple level. Find the room that is sealed off by metal Lego pieces. Use a bazooka or grenade in Free Play mode to reach him.

How do you beat the level opening the ark in Lego Indiana Jones?

peanut butter

Can you put enemies in vehicles in Lego Indiana Jones 2 level editor?