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There are many pubs located in downtown Nashville. Many of the pubs feature live Country Music.

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Q: Where are all the corner pubs located in Nashville?
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The Opry Mills outlet is located at 433 Opry Mills Drive in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the largest shopping location in all of Tennessee. Opry Mills is just about 7 miles from downtown Nashville just off of Briley Parkway.

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Where did Oprah go for college?

She went to Nashville's all-black Tennese State University! Samsin She went to Nashville's all-black Tennese State University! Samsin

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The Nashville metro government Is called the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County. The Metro Council includes councilmen from 35 districts plus 6 at large councilmen. Almost all of the councilmen represent Nashville.

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Nashville was very important to the south because it was the trade center whereby all the traders converged.

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