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Four locations, two inside the car (behind each side triangular kick panel, driver's side and front passenger's side, foot level near the internal firewall) plus the two located under the hood (one on each side, a large one near the battery and air intake, plus a small one located toward the front on the other side as well). A Haynes repair Manual will go into more detail, sometimes these can be found at your local library. Fuse panels are under the hood and under the dash. Ever thought about getting an owners manual? You need an owners manual for more than just finding the fuse boxes. You need it to know when to do scheduled maintenance on certain items. Sources are Dealer, Salvage Yard, and many on-line sources. Type "automobile owners manual" into a search engine. You will find many sources. You may even find an on-line owners manual. GM has these but not sure about Toyota. There is a fuse box on the passenger side on the side panel, there is one under the dash on the drivers side wall, and two under the hood one near the battery and the other on the other side of the engine compartment

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Q: Where are all the different fuse boxes on a 1992 Toyota Celica?
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