Where are black sand beaches found?

Black sand is sand that's been turned a black color either by a glossy partly-magnetic mix of sands (usually fine), or by tiny fragments of lava.

Some gold and white beaches can also contain black sand, typically after storms have sorted out grains where heavier, darker particles remain on the surface.

There are many black sand beaches around the world. Prince William Sound, in Alaska, and Lost Coast, California, both have black sand beaches named Black Sand Beach. Hawaii has Kehena Beach, Oneuli Beach, Polulu Valley Beach and Kaimu Beach. Maui hosts Oneuli Beach, Honokalani Black Sand Beach and Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach. Finally, Vik Beach in Iceland has some breathtakingly blue water surrounded by eroded rock formations beyond a beach of black sand.

For more black sand beaches, try a Web or Image search on Google or your favorite search engine for black sand beach. You'll be stunned by some of the amazing photos.