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they are made in a factory.

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When was kellogg's corn flakes made?

the kellogg's corn flakes were made in about the 1800s :)

Is corn flakes made out of corn?

yes corn flakes is made up of mostly corn but also bread

What material is corn flakes made of?

The primary material is corn. It is cooked up and made into flakes.

Are Corn flakes made from sweet corn?


What is corn flakes made out of?

Milled corn, sugar and malt

Is corn flakes made from?

Milled corn, sugar and malt

Some corn flakes are made from maize. why?

corn in the US is maize

When was the corn flakes Christmas advert made?


Are there farting corn flakes?

No corn flakes are non living

When was Corn flakes created?

Corn flakes was created in 1906.

Was corn flakes made in amereica?

Cornflakes are an American invention

How does corn turn into corn flakes?

Click the link below labeld "Corn Flakes" that will help you :)

What are corn flakes?

Corn flakes are flakes of corn. It is a breakfast cereal which is widely popular over the world. It may have added vitamins and minerals.

What year were the corn flakes made?

1969 Gail.: Actually a patent for Corn Flakes, as a product, was registered on May 31, 1894 under the name Granose.

Which plant do you process to get corn flakes?

Corn flakes is a breakfast cereal made by treating maize. A patent for the product was issued on April 14, 1896 to the Kellogg brothers.

Who makes Country Corn Flakes?

General Mills makes Country Corn Flakes

What is a cornflake made out of?

Corn flakes are primarily milled corn. For a full list of ingredients see the link below

Who makes Honey Crunch Corn Flakes?

Kellogg's makes Honey Crunch Corn Flakes

Can goldfish eat corn flakes cereal?

No, corn flakes do not have the right mix of nutrients for goldfish.

Are corn flakes from sweet corn or field corn?

Corn flakes are from food-grade field corn. Sweet corn is pretty much grown for canning, freezing, or fresh eating.

Are corn flakes gluten free?

Many name brands are NOT gluten free, so you should be careful. There are several brands that are, however:EnviroKidz Amazon FlakesNature's Path Corn FlakesNature's Path Honey'd Corn FlakesErewhon Corn FlakesIf nothing else, Corn Chex cereal is clearly labeled "gluten free."

How many calories are in 120 grams of Corn Flakes?

There are about 429 calories in 120 grams of Corn Flakes.

Is cold milk good to eat with corn flakes?

Yes, you generally have your corn flakes with cold milk.

How much does 8 ounces of corn flakes cost?

It costs $1.59 for 8 ounces of corn flakes

What is coornflacks?

It is corn and flakes.