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in their head

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Q: Where are dogs brain?
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Is there meletone in a dogs brain?

is there meletone in dogs brain

How many brain cells do dogs have?

dogs have one billion brain cells

Does dogs have brain?

of course they do!

Do dogs have a brain?

yes dogs do have brains.

Do dogs not have a brain?


Can over dose of baytril cauase brain damage in 10lb dogs?

no. dogs brain not kill by the drugs of humans, human drugs are not dogs for the drugs.

Do dogs have a brain in their head?

Of course, all animals have a brain. :)

What percentage do dogs use of their brain?

Dogs don't have brains

How is the human brain different frrom a dogs brain?

A dog's brain is WAY smarter.

How Does A dog Brain Operate?

A dogs Brain Operates By A sh.... it drops

Can dogs have brain aneurysms?


Is a dogs brain a organ?


What is the length of a dogs brain?

Approximately 1 centimeter.

How smart is a dog brain compared to a human brain?

the humans braing is smarter than a dogs brain

How a human's brain is different from a dog's brain?

a dogs brain is a brain of a 3 year old so they don't remember as much as we do.

What is the pennies dogs name in the cartoon inspector gadget?

The dogs name is Brain.

When a dog sees a cat a message from the dogs eyes send a message to the dogs?


What are dogs made of?

Dogs are made of brain,bones,musles,and the rest of the body parts.

How do prairie dogs decide who is the sentry?

with their brain

Is a dogs brain small or big?


How does the Dogs Brain work What is in a dogs brain?

Dog brains work basically the same as human brains. They have five senses, they have emotions, they have memory, they can communicate, they can learn, etc.

What differences in brains does dogs and human have?

the only difference between their brains is the size because most humans have bigger skulls than dogs so that allows them to have a bigger brain and the bigger the brain the more your brain absorbs the information.

Can you look through a dogs ear and see its brain?


How big is a small dogs brain?

As all as a peanut

How big is a chihuahuas brain?

Wel I don't know EXACTLY how big a Chihuahua's brain is. However, they are known to have the biggest brain of all dogs.

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