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Where are dogs brain?


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in their head


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is there meletone in dogs brain

dogs have one billion brain cells

yes dogs do have brains.

no. dogs brain not kill by the drugs of humans, human drugs are not dogs for the drugs.

Of course, all animals have a brain. :)

A dogs Brain Operates By A sh.... it drops

the humans braing is smarter than a dogs brain

a dogs brain is a brain of a 3 year old so they don't remember as much as we do.

Dogs are made of brain,bones,musles,and the rest of the body parts.

Dog brains work basically the same as human brains. They have five senses, they have emotions, they have memory, they can communicate, they can learn, etc.

the only difference between their brains is the size because most humans have bigger skulls than dogs so that allows them to have a bigger brain and the bigger the brain the more your brain absorbs the information.

Wel I don't know EXACTLY how big a Chihuahua's brain is. However, they are known to have the biggest brain of all dogs.

Dogs have a means to communicate, but do not have the brain development for learning and using spoken language.

Probably as big as a computer mouse.

They get constipated and stressed. Sometimes lost.

dogs are starter then people

Fed it to the their pets(cats,dogs).

Dogs do have brains, but they do act pretty silly sometimes. This isn't because of lack of a brain (without a brain, a dog would die), but is because of the way their brains work.

a dogs brain is 2 times smaller than a humans but can be very smart indeed

Some dogs with birth defects can have seizures, and also some dogs with brain problems could have seizures. I think dogs with asma can have seizures too.

the size of the brain is the size of a raspberry i oped up my dogs head and that's what the size was.

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