Giant Pandas

Where are pandas found?

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March 15, 2018 2:11PM

China. Their main diet is bamboo, a type of plant.

Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central China. They do not tolerate humans well, and are most at home in the bamboo forests which provide 99% of their diet. Rather than hibernating as the weather gets cold, they move up and down in elevation to remain comfortable.

Giant pandas are found in the mountains of Central China. They are found in bamboo and coniferous forests in China as well.

The giant panda's natural habitat has been largely confined in to a few mountain ranges in central China. Most notably, mountain ranges in the Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

The giant panda used to be native to lowland areas, though farming and deforestation has driven them to the mountains.

Giant pandas are naturally found only in central China, red pandas are found in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, northern India, Bhutan, Myanmar and China.

In the wild, Pandas are found in China. They may be found in certain zoos elsewhere in the world.