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Where are spark plugs located on jeep liberty v6?



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While looking under the hood you may be able to identify six hard plastic devices, generally black in color. Three on the right and three on the left, somewhat evenly spaced. There are electrical connectors attached to them, with two, possibly three wires going to each, although the wires may be covered with plastic conduit. These devices are called "coil on plug" coils, they are on top of the engine, retained with a nut on a stud, and they extend down "inside" the engine a few inches. After unplugging a coil, removing any retainer clips that may be on the stud, and removing the retaining nut you should be able to carefully work the coil upward out of the hole. The spark plug will be down in the hole. Compressed air can be used if there is debris down around the spark plug, use eye protection and clear any debris from all plug holes before removing any spark plugs. While a spark plug is removed be sure not to get debris in the hole, that is direct access to the engine internals.