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It is found in the New Testament in the book of Luke. The reference is Luke 6:13-16.

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Q: Where are the 12 disciples located in the Bible?
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What stories are Jesus 12 disciples in?

trying fine the 12 disciples of jesus in the bible

What the is significant about the number 12 in bible?

what is significant about the number 12 in the bible is that there were 12 tribes of Judah, and there were 12 disciples

How many deciples are there?

According to the Bible, Jesus had 12 disciples

Were any of Jesus' disciples ladys?

All 12 disciples were men

Which of the disciples were fishermen?

The Bible speaks of 4 of the 12 disciples as being fishermen. Andrew, Peter, James and John.

What is acts 1-12 about?

Acts 1-12 in the Bible tells about the Disciples and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who is Peter from The Bible?

He is one of the 12 apostles. He was picked by Jesus to become one of the first disciples.

How many men disciples did Jesus have?

This is not enumerated in the Bible. While the apostles are named and counted as 12, there are no references to how many disciples there were, although we do know they were not all men - the women were also disciples.

What was the chapter in the bible where god talked to the 12 desciples?

In the Bible, God talks to the 12 disciples in 4 books. Those books are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

How many disciples are mentioned in the bible?

Beside the 12 disciples that followed Jesus there were many disciples mentioned, in fact too many to mention. Their names are found in almost all the books of the New Testament.

What were the bad characteristics of Bible disciples?

The bible is true you idiots!

Who was Bartholomew in The Bible?

Bartholomew was one of the twelve disciples in the Bible.

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