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the appenine mountains are located in Italy/Europe

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Q: Where are the appenine mountains?
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Which mountains are found in the north of Italy?

The mountains in Northern Italy are the Alps, which also extend into France, Switzerland and Austria.

Which of these is not part of the Italian peninsula the appenine mountains gaul the tiber river or the alps?


What countries are found on the Appenine Peninsula?

countries that make up the appenine peninsula are Italy and Vatican City

What is the name of the long mountain range located on the Italian penisula?

The Apennines mountains. (Mountain ranges on the lower peninsula include the Pollino, La Sila, and Aspromonte massifs.)

What were the Samnite Wars about?

After the Romans had expanded into Campania, the Samnites (who were behind on urbanization) wanted to expand into Campania for better agricultural land as they had been living in the Appenine mountains up until that point. The Romans would not allow them to expand into that territory so wars ensued.

Which mountain border the eastern side of latium plain?

The Appenine Mountians, this answer is coming straight from my Social Studies text book :P

What is the mountain range that runs along the Adriatic sea coast?

Dinaric Mtns (through old yugoslavia) and Appenine Mts on west (through italy)

Why was Rome able to unify Italy easily compared to what the Greeks had to do in Greece?

1). Rome's Appenine mountains were less rugged than those in Greece 2). Rome was in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea 3). There were no small, isolated valleys like those in Greece 4). Rome had broad, fertile plains

What mountains make up the Appalachian mountains?

White Mountains, Green Mountains, Catskill Mountains, Alleghenies, Adirondacks.

Can you give a example of concrete poem about mountain?

mountains are sweet mountains are tall mountains are pretty mountains are brown mountains are beautiful mountains are delight mountains are tan mountains are sexy mountains are cool mountains are awesome mountains are high mountains contains a lot of water

What are the mountain ranges in Munster in Ireland?

Some Irish mountain ranges include: The McGillycuddy Reeks. The Wicklow Mountains. The Mourne Mountains. The Comeragh Mountains. The Sperrin Mountains. The Cooley Mountains. The Knockmealdown Mountains. The Slievebloom Mountains. The Blackstairs Mountains. The Maumturk Mountains.

What are 6 mountains in the US?

North Carolina Mountains, Colorado Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Bear Paw Mountains, Pocono Mountains and Appalachian Mountains.