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they are located in the northwestern part of America. In the states from Georgia to Maine.

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These mountains are west of the Coastal Plain?

applachian mountains

Why did settlers begin to move west of the applachian mountains and what route did most of the settlers take?

because they thought owned the land.through the applachian mountains

Where are the applachian mountains?

in the northeast part of the u.s

Do people live in the Appalachian mountains?

people do live in the applachian mountains

What mountains stretch across the the middle of PA from the southwest to the northeast?

Applachian mountains

What mountain ranges are in Central America?

Applachian mountains

What is the difference between the Applachian mountains and the Rocky Mountains?

The Rocky mountains are mostly by California, and the Applacian mountains are closer to Maine.

What mountain range run through the Mid Atlantic states?

Applachian Mountains

What are the two major physical features of the southeast region?

applachian mountains everglades

Are the Applachian Mountains in the western or eastern part of the US?

They are in the Eastern part of the united states

Which geographical region was the Conestoga wagon most likely built to cross?

Applachian Mountains

What important mountain rang is located in the eastern US?

Applachian Mts

What river west if the applachian mountains forms a border between Indiana and Kentucky?

The Ohio River forms the boundary between Indiana and Kentucky.

What was the geography of the Virginia colony?

Virginia wa swampy on the coast, with a tidewater further north. Further inland, it was most forested and then there's the Applachian Mountains.

What is the highest peak in the Applachian Mountains?

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina, at 6,684 feet (2,037m) is also the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Mr. Slinky

What mountains are located in northwestern Africa?

The Atlas Mountains are the mountains located in northwestern Africa.

Where is upwarped mountains located?

Upwarped mountains are located in Alaska

Where is scythian mountains located?

scythian mountains was located in scythia

Where is the Sedona mountains located?

The Sedona Mountains are located in Sedona, AZ.

What state are the green mountains located?

the Green Mountains are located in Vermont

Where are some folded mountains located?

FOLDED MOUNTAINS are located in the himilayas

Where are white mountains located?

The White Mountains are located in New Hampshire

Where are the green mountains located in the us?

the green mountains are located in tallahasse

On what continent are the Balkan Mountains located?

The Balkan Mountains are located in Europe.

Which mountains are located in tibet?

It is the other way round, Tibet is located IN the mountains. These mountains are called the Himalayas.