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== == If you want a full tour you'll have to go all over Greece. There are quite a lot inside Athens and outside (less than 1h driving (Delphi)).

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Q: Where are the best places in Greece to tour ancient Greek ruins?
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What was the significance of honor and glory in the ancient Greek world?

the temple ruins on top of what symbolize the glories of ancient greece

Where is the ancient ruins of Ephesus?


Do ancient ruins cover most of Greece?


The culture that rose from the ruins of ancient Greece was the?


Which city reflects a Greek influence how can you tell?

Most of the cities in Greece show the ancient Greek influence in several different ways. The most apparent is likely the ruins throughout the Greek cities.

What country is known for their ancient ruins?

Allthough I am from Greece I want to tell you that this doesn't affect my answer at all. To my knowledge Greece has many ancient ruins among them is the Parthenon which is know for its beauty an it's amazing architecture. Also Egypt has some amazing ancient ruins, like the pyramids.

Where are the Greek ruins?

In Greece, Italy, and Egypt as well as other locations.

What are some ancient ruins of Greece?

some ruins are the parthenon the acropolis the agora the temple of mowow and the shinuki catashi

What kind of activities can a tourist do in Greece?

Explore and discover artifacts from ancient ruins.

In What areas do you still see the influences of early Greek culture?

Ancient Greek civilisation influenced the education of the European elites. Apart from this, sings of their influence can be found in archaeological ruins in Greece, Southern Italy, and Turkey.

Where do Paleontologists Dig?

They dig in places like ancient ruins

Are there any ruins of ancient buildings still in Greece?

yes there is example the ruin at Delphi.

What country has an acropolis that contains many ancient ruins?

The acropolis was a defensible fortress on high ground in a Greek city in which the people could take temporary refuge against invaders. Most cities had them in the Greek world - their remains/ruins are still around in Sicily, Italy, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, etc.

When was Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi created?

Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi was created in 1826.

What is Greece well known for?

Among other things Greece is known for: * the Ancient Greek civilization: including architecture, archaelogical ruins, mythology, folklore * the Olympics * Greek cuisine: including souvlaki, tzatziki, dolmades * excellent ingredients: including olives, olive oil, feta cheese, fresh seafood, lamb * beautiful tourist areas and seashores, the Greek Isles * the Greek language * The Greek Orthodox church

How do you spell Parthenon?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun "Parthenon" (temple in ancient Greece, now ruins).

Who owns ancient ruins?

Ancient ruins are owned by the Government of the country that the ruins are found.

What country is the biblical city of Smyrna?

Smryrna was a city in ancient Greece, but today the ruins lie in the Izmir, Turkey.

Which city reflects a greek influence?

Athens, among many Greek cities, reflects an ancient Greek influence. One of the most apparent ways Athens reflects this is through the ruins of the city that still remain from ancient times.

What is located among hills and mountains and is surrounded by the Mediterranean?

Temples, palaces, ruins, of the ancient world, Greek, Etruscan, etc. on the hundreds of islands in the Mediterranean Sea; be they in Malta, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey....

Where is the city of Knossos located?

Knossos is located on the northern coast Greece. It is rich in Ancient Greece history and was developed around 1900BC. Consequently, Knossos attracts tourists who wish to see some the ancient ruins the city has to offer.

What are the ancient Incan ruins called?

ancient inca ruins, or nown as Machu Picchu

Why were there so few ancient ruins in Africa?

why are there so few ancient ruins in Africa

Do you capitalize ancient ruins?

It should only be capitalized if you are referring to specific ancient ruins.

Does the Greek city of Sparta still exist?

no i did in the ancient times though now all that's left is ruins