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Under the flux capacitor.

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Q: Where are the child seat anchors on Hyundai i45?
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Take I45 South. It will take you straight to Galvseton Island. I will take you about 45 minutes from downtown with no traffic.

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It's on the east side of I45. I believe its actually in Huntsville, Tx.

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Can you show me how to change the air filter in a 2002 Impala with a 3.4 engine?

Engine Air Cleaner/Filter See Engine Compartment Overview on page 5-12 for the location of the engine air cleaner/filter. When to Inspect the Engine Air Cleaner/Filter Inspect the air cleaner/filter at the Maintenance II intervals and replace at the first oil change after 50,000 miles (83 000 km). See Scheduled Maintenance on page 6-4 for more information. If you are driving in dusty/dirty conditions, inspect the filter at each engine oil change. How to Inspect the Engine Air Cleaner/Filter To inspect the air cleaner/filter, remove the filter from the vehicle and lightly shake the filter to release loose dust and dirt. If the filter remains caked with dirt, a new filter is required. To inspect or replace the engine air cleaner/filter, do the following: [img][/img] 1. Loosen the two clips on the top of the engine air cleaner/filter housing and lift the filter cover tabs out of the housing. 2. Push the filter cover housing toward the engine. 3. Pull out the filter. 4. Inspect or replace the engine air cleaner/filter. See Normal Maintenance Replacement Parts on page 6-13. 5. To reinstall the cover, position the tabs through the slots on the housing. A notch on the sides of the filter cover will indicate the correct engagement. Reinstall the two clips on the top of the housing when you are finished. CAUTION: Operating the engine with the air cleaner/filter off can cause you or others to be burned. The air cleaner not only cleans the air; it helps to stop flame if the engine backfires. If it is not there and the engine backfires, you could be burned. Do not drive with it off, and be careful working on the engine with the air cleaner/filter off. Notice: If the air cleaner/filter is off, a backfire can cause a damaging engine fire. And, dirt can easily get into your engine, which will damage it. Always have the air cleaner/filter in place when you are driving.

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