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Where are the extra fuses for the cigarette lighter on a Toyota Highlander?

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In the fuse box under the hood on the drivers side there are 3 extra fuses and a fuse puller..The fuses are labeled.

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What is the extra cigarette lighter called on 1998 ford explorer sport?

A 12 volt power supply outlet.

Where is the aux plug on a 2006 Ford Mustang?

The aux plug is under the console lid next to the extra cigarette lighter outlet. It was a factory option, and most of them for this year are unequipped with it.

Where is the fuse panel in a 2000 Lincoln LS cigarette lighter fuse need to be replaced?

in the truck your battery is on the right and fuse box behind it in a separate box this is located where the extra tire is

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on 1999 dodge stratus?

Open drivers door look on side of dash end is covered when door is of shut a large cover "says" fuses on it pull hard inside it has extra fuses and where they go

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How do you replace the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 2006 Dodge Stratus?

1st: Locate the fusebox, usually under/behind the instrument panel (where your knees would hit the dash)-(see user's manual for exact location) sometimes located under the glovebox. 2nd: On the inside of the fusebox cover you will find the reference for what fuses do what. If the fuse for the cig lighter isn't labeled specifically, look at the Accy, or Assy, fuse. (Accessory). 3rd: Actually look at the suspect fuse. You should see a break, or gap in the metal band that runs through the fuse. (This band is usually "S" shaped). There should be extra fuses somewhere in the fusebox, or on the cover, if not, go to the Auto Parts store and buy them. BE SURE TO REPLACE THE BAD FUSE WITH ONE OF THE SAME SIZE !!! The fuses are labeled according to their ampacity. There will be a number on the fuse; usually 10, 15, 20, 30. This is the current rating of the fuse. Hope this helps, -If you found this helpful, be sure to "Recommend" kevlarster --------------- I own a 2006 Dodge Stratus, and I also had a problem with my cigarette lighter socket. I located the exact fuse by accident the other day. -The owner's manual DOES NOT specify a fuse for the cigarette lighter. -The internal fuse box cover DOES NOT specify a fuse for the cigarette lighter. (This fuse box is located below and to the left of the steering wheel. Access by opening the driver door, then pull the cover off to reveal the fuse box. The fuse diagram is under the cover.) -The fuse for the cigarette lighter is located in ANOTHER FUSE BOX UNDER THE HOOD next to the positive (red) jumper cable terminal. Remove the cover by pinching the tabs inward. The cigarette lighter fuse is a 20 amp fuse on the bottom row. GolfdevilFCL

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How do you change the wiper covers on a 2008 highlander?

Not exactly sure what you mean by covers. Some people will go to Toyota and pay a little extra for rubber refill inserts that slide into the Toyota wiper blade frame. Most people just replace the entire wiper blade assembly with aftermarket wiper blades. The 2008 Toyota Highlander has "hook-end" front wiper arms and a "roc lock 2" rear wiper arm. See the Sources and Related Links section below for installation videos and correct attachment/length wiper blade sizes. Also, if you purchase the replacement blades first and there will be additional instructions/illustrations on the replacement packages. Very simple.

Where is the fuse for cigarette lighter for a 1996 mercury marquis?

Upper most left 20 amp fuse in fuse box, located above emergency brake pedal. Also controls emergency flashers according to Mercury manual. Should be extra 20 amp fuse and fuse puller on fuse box cover.

How do you find the cigarette lighter in a Nissan Altima?

There isn't one.Most newer cars nowadays actually come without cigarette lighters. The reasons being:They cause fires in carsThey distract the driverThey can be dropped and cause an accidentThey can burn childrenThey encourage smoking, which causes health complications, which costs your government billions a yearSmoking at the wheel actually reduces your concentration on the road by 10%-15%. Making you more likely to cause an accidentWhen you bought the vehicle you should have asked if there are any optional add-ons available (for an extra price). Sometimes the add-ons include a cigarette lighter.Car manufacturers have to abide by government regulations of, not only the country they sell the car, but also the country that the cars are made in.

Why does the cigarette lighter not work on a 1994 Lexus LS 400?

Smoking is bad, but if you use your cigarette lighter for the 1 million other things that have been invented lately than please park your car in a safe area- get out of your seat and open the fuze box(#2) that is located behind your parking brake (hidden under the steering wheel- believe me it is down there). Look at the map on the fuze box cover- locate the lighter fuse- remove the fuze and if the loop is broken then replace it with a new fuze. PROBLEM USUALLY SOLVED! If you do not have any extra fuzes (there are usually a bunch stored in your fuze boxes (#1 &2). Fuze box #1 is located next to tour battery and manages bigger electronic functions.

Where do you find the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 93 Cutlass Supreme?

open glove box, pull out glovebox insert - to access "that" fuse block. you should see the fuse block. lighter fuse is number 12/ fuse to use is 10 amp. also, wnen you open glove box look under glove box door (top) there should be a Rectangle box in middle, squeeze ends to pop off, there you should extra fuses and fuse extractor. .

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