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Where are the legendaries in Pokemon emerald?


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December 10, 2009 10:18AM

First, Groudon. It is in Terra cave (to find it, go to the man at the weather institute on route 119. then he will tell you a route that has extreme sunlight, i think you can guess why.) go to that route fast, or the cave will move and you will have to go back. The cave will be somewhere along the route, so if you see a cave that isn't usually there, go in. save the game, go toward groudon, and catch it! Go back to the guy and he will tell you where the route that the marine cave is on (where you catch kyogre). Be careful though, because now both are Lv 70.

You must beat the game before you can do this
Rayquaza is in the Sky Pillers. The Sky Pillers are almost right above PACIFIDLOG TOWN. Wallace opens up the actual cavern to Rayquaza's "layer", but first you have to get through the challenge