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The mitochondria are located in the cytoplasm of the cell.

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Where is the mitochondria located in a cell?

The mitochondria organelles is located in the cytoplasm.

Where is mitochondria of a cell located?

The mitochondria of a cell are located in the cytoplasm.

Is the mitochondria located within the nucleus?

No, mitochondria is not located within the nucleus. It is located in the cell's cytoplasm.

Mitochondria is located where?

The mitochondria is in the cytoplasm of a cell.

Is DNA found in the mitochondria of a cell?

Yes it is located in mitochondria.

What is mitochondria and where it located?

Mitochondria is found in membrane of chloroplast.

What is the location in the cell of mitochondria?

The mitochondria are located throughout the cell.

Are mitochondria in a plant or animal?

Mitochondria are located in both plants and animals.

Where is the Krebs cycle located?

located in mitochondria matrix

Where is the mitochondria inside the animal cell?

mitochondria is located inside of the cell's membrane

Is the mitochondria located in animal cells?

Yes, mitochondria exist in animal cells.

Where is mitochondria located on a cell?

there are several mitochondria in a cell, all are suspended in the cytoplasm.

Is mitochondria found in onion cells?

Yes a mitochondria is located in onion cells.

What is the relationship between mitochondria and cytoplasm in cells?

The mitochondria are located in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Where is mitochondria located?

it located in the cell's cytoplasm outside the nucleus.

Where in the cell are the mitochondria located?

The mitochondria are in the cytoplasm, which is to say within the cell, but outside the nucleus.

Where is the Electron transport chain located in the mitochondria?

The electron transport chain is located in the cristae of a mitochondria. It is the enzymes used during the Krebs cycle that are found in the matrix of the mitochondria. In plants, the electron transport chain is located in the thylakoid membrane of a chlorophyll.

Where is cytoplasm located in a cell?

It is located in the mitochondria and it is a jell like substance

Where in the mitochondria are the electron carriers located?

In the mitochondria, the electron carriers are embedded in the inner membrane of the mitochondrion.

Where is mitochondria located in a plant cell?

There is no exact location of mitochondria in a plant or animal cell but the more active the cell the more mitochondria in that cell.

Where is the electron transport chain located in animal cells?

Mitochondria. More specifically, the inner membrane of the mitochondria :)

Where is DNA located in the cell?

DNA located in nucleus as well as mitochondria in the cell.

Where in the cell are cell enzymes located?

Enzymes are located in the mitochondria which is an organelle of a cell.

What is the location of mitochondria?

it is located near the rough ER

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