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Where are the most plants and animals on earth?


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The biome you are going to visit is the tropical rainforest.

- plato :)

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There were no animals or plants at the start of the earth. Cyanobacteria maybe

The energy source for most life on Earth is the sun, because the sun makes plants grow and animals eat the plants.

water is the most important this on earth because that is what makes plants grow and animals eat plants and we eat andmals such as cows.

No, the majority of water on the earth is not usable by plants and animals.

The most important animals are the insects. They are the most numerous animals on Earth. Insects perform important tasks such as pollinating plants and helping to get rid of rotting plants and animals. They are also food for many other animals.

earth is only the planet with plants and animals

The most biodiverse regions on earth are rainforests and coral reefs. ^^

If your talking about the energy we use to live, we get it from the sun, via plants and animals who eat plants.

The only planet that we know of with plants and animals is Earth.

yea most plants and animals do leave behind fossils. scientists have found many of them from the pre-historic eras.

Carbon is a chemical substance found in the Earth but not formed by plants or animals.

Earth. Animals and plants live all over the earth. You can look for larger concentrations in jungles.

Unicellular plants and animals were first forms of life on Earth

All life on earth is dependent on the sun. It either provides the energy for plants to grow, and animals that eat plants get their energy from the plants. animals that eat animals eat animals that ate plants. No sun, no plants. No plants, no oxygen to breathe, no food to eat.

Green plants make their own food, animals do not. Most animals are mobile, plants are not. Most animals have some degree of self awareness, plants do not.

The rich variety of animals and plants is biodiversity.

If animals were on Earth first, they won't have any oxygen, which is what all animals need.

Earth does a lot of the water. It supports plants, animals, humans and soil

There are many living things on earth, including plants. Animals and human beings are the most abundant of living things on earth.

Most plants and animals live in the Sunlit Zone.

most animals eat plants, but go to to find some animals that do

The great variety of plants and animals represents the diversity of nature. There are plants and animals on Earth that fill every available survivable niche.

Biosphere= the part of the earth where plants and animals live.

plants use photosynthesis to make energy. animals eat those plants. humans eat those animals. it all works out:)

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