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You will need to remove the top chrome rear cover from the rear cyl on the right side. and same on front on the just on the left. they are under these covers. Pull straight out on them.

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What does an ignitor unit assembly do on a 2002 Yamaha vstar 1100?

The ignitor unit controls the signal from the magnito to the ignition coils. This in turn controls the spark to the spark plugs and also controls the timing of the firing of the spark plugs in proper sequence.

What is the paint codes for Yamaha 2002 VStar 1100 classic that is metallic silver and dark grey?

My 1100 Yamaha classic is silver and dark gray,but the dark gray is a special order color for a 1983 Ferrari.

How fast is a Yamaha vstar 650?

93 mph on my 2002 v star Yamaha custom

Is motor on 2002 Yamaha vstar 650 air cooled?


How do you adjust idle carbuatoron 2002 Yamaha 650 vstar?

Under the tank on the left side next to the fule lever.

Where is the fuse box for Yamaha v star 1100?

On the 2002 1100 Classic, the fuse block is located on the left side, inside the tool roll cover.

2002 Yamaha 1100 oil capacity?

what is the proper amount of oil for a 1100v-star

How many spark plugs for a 2002 Yamaha warrior?

1 and a half

What is the proper oil level for a 2002 Yamaha s-star 1100 classic?

The proper oil level in a 2002 Yamaha s-star 1100 classic would be the level where on the stick it meets the right mark so that you dont under or over fill the tank.

Does a stator from a 2002 Yamaha warrior 350 fit a 1987 warrior 350?

No, the plugs are different.

Can you replace the gas tank on a 2002 Yamaha Vstar Classic 1100cc with a gas tank of the same type bike but just made in a different year?

yes i do like chocolate milk

What is wrong with a Yamaha 2002 v star 1100 classic when it just quits running?

take it to a big rubbish bin and leave it there

Location of alternator Yamaha v-star 1100 2002 model?

the location of the altenator on a 202 1100yamaha v star

How do you set timing on 2002 Yamaha V-star 1100?

timing is fixed; controlled and monitored by the igniter unit and cannot be adjusted.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 2002 Yamaha YZ 250?

The proper spark plug gap for a 2002 Yamaha YZ250 is .024 inches. New spark plugs usually come pre-gapped, however.

How may spark plugs on an 2002 v star 1100?

.28 to. 30. This is straight from the manual of 2002 V STAR CLASSIC. and the bigger the happy the leaner and hotter it will run. Less gap, less chance of fowling out.

What is the fork oil capacity of a 2002 Yamaha v-star 1100?

1999-2003 all model V Stars take 464cc or 15.7 oz. SAE 10W fork oil

2002 vstar 650 won't start i change the Ignitor DCI plugs no sparks has gas oil is level Coil is i don't think is the problem engine turns i chk the fuse all good i chk the wire they r fine?

helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo where is everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2002 chavy trailblazer

How do you tune 2002 Yamaha yz85?

buy a Yamaha yz 125 if that's to slow for you

Where are the spark plugs in a corsa 1 liter 2002?

where are the spark plugs on a vauxhall corsa 1 litre 2002

What sends power to plugs on 2002 jeep liberty?

What distributes power to spark plugs on 2002 jeep liberty

What is the model number of a Yamaha JY43GD0302C019285?


2002 Yamaha YZ 85 oil capacity?

Oil capacity for the gearbox on 2002 Yamaha YZ85 is 500cc, after overhaul 550cc according to my book.

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2002 Toyota tacoma v4?

how do I change spark plugs on 2002 Toyota tacoma v4

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