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The Silence Dogood letters written by Franklin were destroyed by Franklin's brother, who had been deceived by his younger brother in believing the letters had been authored by a widow named Silence Dogood. Upon learning of their true authorship, James Franklin became angry and burned the originals in protest. He could not, however, burn each and every copy of the New England Current, thus we have the original text of the letters, but not the originals themselves. In the film " National Treasure", it appears as if the originals are kept in The Franklin institute in Philadelphia, but a call to the Institute would confirm that, no, they do not have them.

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Who was actually Silent dogood that had penned letters to the paper?

Silence Dogood was a pseudonym of Benjamin Franklin's.

Why were the Dogood Letters made?

The Silence Dogood letters were written by a young Benjamin Franklin. The letters were written under the name Ms. Silence Dogood because prior to this time, 16 year old Benjamin Franklin was unable to get his work published.

Who is Silence Dogood in national treasures?

"Silence Dogood" is a fictional character created by Benjamin Franklin who used this pseudonym to get his letters published in 1722 in the New England Courant newspaper . You can refer to the related link below to read 'her' letters .

What was the purpose of the silence dogood letters?

The purpose what to make all you little kids ask these questions.

What did Benjamin Franklin have to do with early newspapers?

He submited letters to the newspaper under a false name, Silence Dogood.

Where are the silence dogood letters?

The Original Silence Dogood letters are no longer extant, as Benjamin Franklin's brother , upon finding that they were, in fact, authored by his younger brother, burned them. He could not, however, burn each and every copy of the Currant, in which they were published. Thus, we have the actual text, but not the original hand written letters as produced by Benj Franklin

The Silence Dogood Riddle?

=i dont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

What is benjamin franklins name?

his alias was Silence Dogood

What were Benjamin Franklin's letters under the name when they were in his brother's newspaper collium?

Silence Dogood, a widow. If you've seen National Treasure (number one) one of the clues is/leads them to the letters.

What is Benjamin Franklin's nickname?

His pen name or psdonym was silence dogood.

In the movie national treasure what other name is Benjamin Franklin referred to as during the treasure hunt?

Silence Dogood was the name he used to write the letters. is that the answer you are looking for

Why did Benjamin Franklin make up Mrs Silence Dogood?

he made up the name, Mrs.Silence Dogood, so that he could write for his brothers newspaper

Was Silence Dogood really a middle aged woman If not who really was this person?

No, they were not. It was a pseudonym used by Benjamin Franklin so that his brother would publish his letters tot he editor.

When did Benjamin Franklin begin his career as a writer?

At age 16, Franklin began to secretly send letters to his brother's newspaper, under the pseudonym "Silence Dogood." These letters soon had people throughout Boston wondering who was writing these intelligent letters.

What things did Benjamin Franklin print?

The Sclience Dogood Letters

As a boy franklin used a pen name of silincr?

When Benjamin Franklin was 16 and apprenticed to his brother the printer, he used the pseudonym of Silence Dogood to send letters to his brother's paper, "The Courant." His brother published 15 of "Mrs. Dogood's" letters.

When was the lightning rod made?

The lightning rod was first thought of in 1770 and was actually made in 1772 ~silence dogood~

Why did Ben Franklin run away from home to philadelphia?

he quarreled with his older brother, james, after he found out banjamin was silence dogood.

What is Benjamin Franklin's pen name?

Silence Dogood. he was pretending to be a middle aged widow when he wrote to his brothers newspaper under this name.

Who did Benjamin Franklin pretend to be?

He wasn't allowed to write to the local newspaper cuz his brother worked there and he was mean so he pretended to be Silence DoGood, a widow.

How can you make an enemy a best friend?

Talk to them and help them out when they need help. And, if they don't want you around, why would you want to be friends with an enemy? From Silence DoGood

What museum was in National treasure?

In the first National Treasure, the decleration of Independence is kept in the National Archives. The Silence Dogood letters, which are real but don't have a code to find "the templar treasure" are kept in the Benjamin Franklin Museum, most likely in Philadelphia. hopefully i answered your question. :)

Benjamin Franklin helped to write the what of the US?

He was on the comittee that drafted the Declaration of Independence. His ideas helped create the Constitution. He also published the Pennsylvania Gazette and wrote Poor Richard's Almanac and the Silence Dogood letters (written under a pen name secretly and published in his brother's newspaper). He also wrote his autobiography.

When did Ben Franklin become a writer?

His first significant writings were letters to his brother Jame's newspaper, under the pseudonym "Silence DoGood." At age 16, Franklin was writing opinions that caused much discussion throughout Boston. However, James was not happy to find his younger brother was the author, and Ben left Boston for Philadelphia.

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