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Yes. Mother Teresa, although protesting to live a life of utter humility and suffering, frequently travelled around the world, by first class airline. The majority of her journeys were to oversee the vow taking of her nuns, and on most of her international travels she would stop off at the Vatican to meet the pope, sometimes twice - onward and return. Occasionally in the first class section of an aeroplane, Mother Teresa would ask for food to be given her so that she could take them to the poor. This would impress those around her and camouflage the real purpose of her frequent luxury travels.

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she had travelled around the world and she had travelled alot to India

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Ireland, Africa and India

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what countries has mother teresa gone to

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Q: Where are the three places that Mother Teresa traveled to?
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Where were three places that Mother Teresa lived?

She lived in Albania, Ireland and India.

Was Mother Teresa's brother born before Mother Teresa?

Yes he was. Mother Teresa was the youngest of the three siblings.

What did Mother Teresa do?

She was a mother and housewife. She had three children to raise.

Was Mother Teresa the oldest of the children in her family?

She was the youngest child in the family and had an older brother and an older sister.

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Can you describe Mother Teresa in three words?

Faith, hope and charity

Did Mother Teresa have a family?

Yes, she had a mother, father, a sister and a brother. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu(Teresa)'s father was named Kolë Bojaxhiu, her mother was named Dranafile Bojaxhiu, and her sibling's names were Aga (female), she was seven years older than Mother Teresa and Lazar (male), he was two years older than Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa's parents had five children however only the three survived. However, Mother Teresa was never married and had no family.

How many days after Princess Diana's death was the death of Mother Teresa announced?


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Did Mother Teresa have a good home?

Mother Teresa grew up in a wonderful home with a mother, father, brother and sister. All were devout Catholics and quite close to each other. Unfortunately, Mother Teresa's father died when she was only 7 years old and it is thought that he was murdered. This cause many difficulties for her mother who had to raise the three children without a father.

How many heart attacks did Mother Teresa have?

She suffered three heart atacks and the final one killed her in 1997.

When was Mother Teresa's near fatal heart attack?

Mother Teresa suffered three heart attacks, one in 1983, another in 1989 and a final one in 1997 that took her life.