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There are endless amounts of music management schools. If you are looking for more information, this might be a helpful site to use:

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Q: Where are there Music management schools in New York?
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What are the Construction management Schools located in the city of New york?

There are so many schools located in newyork for construction management . you can get the list from the

What is the web address of the Kleinhans Music Hall Management in Buffalo New York?

The web address of the Kleinhans Music Hall Management is:

What is the phone number of the Kleinhans Music Hall Management in Buffalo New York?

The phone number of the Kleinhans Music Hall Management is: 716-883-3560.

Where can I inquire anything about New York music schools?

Here are following Colleges where you can enquire about New york Music Schools 1)Bard College Conservatory of Music 2)Brooklyn College - City University of New York 3)Brooklyn College Prep Center for the Performing Arts 4)Brooklyn Music School 5)Colgate University For Further info please visit

How many private schools are in new york?

there are 80 private schools in New York

How much middle schools are in New York cities?

There are about 1124 middle schools in the state of New York, with 107 middle schools in New York City.

Are there technical schools in the new york area?

New York has a lot of technical schools including the following: Lowell Business and Technical Institute, TCI - College of Technology, the Keller Graduate School of Management and DeVry University.

Where is the Kleinhans Music Hall Management in Buffalo New York located?

The address of the Kleinhans Music Hall Management is: 370 Pennsylvania St, Buffalo, NY 14201-1202

How Many Elementary Schools are in New York State?

There are about 2287 elementary schools in New York.

When was New York Model Management created?

New York Model Management was created in 1991.

What schools offer music business programs?

Full Sail University in Orlando, FL offers a solid, accredited degree in music production and management. Another highly acclaimed and under-the-radar program for music business professionals resides in up-state New York at SUNY Oneonta.

Where is the best music education?

There are many schools that teach music education around the world. Some of the top rated school include Columbia University in New York, New York, University of Wisconsin in Madison, and Arizona State University.

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