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There are volcanoes in a variety of locations around the world. These include Washington state, Guatemala, Japan, Ethiopia, as well as Madagascar.

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What are the volcanic mountains found in Japan?

mount fuji are the volcanic mountain found in japan

Is obsidian rock found in mountains?

Yes, obsidian is found near volcanic mountains.

What can be found in Japan?

108 volcanic mountains

What is the volcanic mountain found in Japan?

There are 108 volcanic mountains in Japan. Mt Fuji is the most famous.

Are the Rocky Mountains volcanic?

no the rocky mountains are not volcanic.

Where are the major volcanic mountains found?

Along the mid oceanic ridges.

Are all mountains volcanic?

No. The vast majority of mountains are not volcanic.

Can eruptions cause volcanic mountains?

Yes. They can form volcanic mountains .

What force formed these volcanic mountains?

lava formed the volcanic mountains

Does Oregon have volcanic mountains?

Yes. There are several volcanic mountains in Orgeon.

Where mountains can be found?

It all depends on what mountains you mean, Fold Mountains are like the Himalayas and the Alps. There are Plateau Mountains in the USA, Volcanic Mountains can be found in several countries around the world. Fault Block and Dome Mountains are again, in the USA

Name three volcanic mountains?

name three volcanic mountains in Washington

How do the volcanic mountains form?

the volcanic mountains form by the earths eruptions and creates hot lava that cools off and creates and forms volcanic mountains

Extrusive igneous rock found in the southern half of the Rocky Mountains indicates that this is section of mountains was once WHAT?

Extrusive igneous rock found in the southern half of the Rocky Mountains indicates that this is section of mountains was once VOLCANIC!

Are the Olympic Mountains volcanic mountains?


What are three types of mountain formations?

folded, volcanic, and upwarped

Volcanic mountain found japan?

There are many volcanic mountains in Japan. Among the more famous are Mount Fuji, Mount Unzen, and Sakurajima.

What geologic features are found at the boundaries of tectonic plates?

Volcanic Mountains, Ocean Trenches, Island Arcs, Mountain Ranges, Volcanic Islands.

Examples of volcanic mountains?

Mt Vesuvius Mt.St. Hekens Volcanic mountains are Islands.

What is the difference between folded mountains and volcanic mountains and fault block mountains?

volcanic mountains can increase in size but fold mountain cant

Do the Andes mountains have volcanic mountains?


How mountains become volcanic mountains?

the lava came from mountains

How do volcanic mountains grow?

volcanic mountains form when molten rock erupts onto earth

How non-volcanic mountains are created by plate tectonics?

Non-volcanic mountains are caused when continental plates converge.

What results from a convergent boundary?

Continental mountains, ocean trenches, volcanic mountains, volcanic islands and arcs.