Where can I buy a used corvette?


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I would search on ebay or craiglist for a used corvette at an affordable price.

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Easy. Just find someone with a '74 Corvette for sale and offer him or her money. If you offer enough, you win!

There are a few places where one can purchase a used C6 Corvette. Examples would include Ebay, and Used Corvettes for Sale, Vette Finders, and Vette Head.

I do not recommend you to buy a used corvette from year 2010. Anyways is should be over 45 thousands dollars in a resale value, and in a good condition.

You can order it via the Eckler's Corvette website.

can byou buy a permanent in-line fuel gauge for a 1992 corvette

You can buy used corvettes using this website: http://corvettetrader.com/, it is specifically made for buying corvettes. It has a lot of variation and easily customizable search.

There is no such thing as a 1927 Corvette. LOL, hope you didn't buy one.

There are many dealerships across America that sell C3 Corvette's. One of the best places to buy a C3 Corvette is directly from a Corvette dealership. Many used car dealerships sell C3 Corvettes at a lower price.

BUY IT!! Lots of men drive vettes

It will depend on if you want a new or used corvette. There is a place called roger's corvettes around your area (in Orlando) or you could just find a local dealership that might sell corvettes.

Corvette Central is a big online store that help people buy Corvette parts and accessories. They sell items such as air filters, oil filters, exhaust pipes, doors and many more.

There are many places where an individual can purchase a used Corvette. They are available at Corvette dealers, on Craigslist or on Kelly Blue Book in the listings section.

If you are looking to buy or trade your Corvette there are websites available to you for this specific purpose. Vette Finders and Corvette traders are just two of the many websites available. Your local Corvette dealerships are also be a good place to look.

because it didn't have a trunk

it was used to pull fords out of ditches.

You can purchase Corvette brakes at the v band p website. They have good prices on Corvette brakes and they have a variety of brands to buy. Visit their website for more information.

A 2007 Corvette can be purchased at a number of locations near your area. If you have a Chevrolet dealer in your area, it would be one of the best places to go to purchase a 2007 Corvette.

One can purchase a 1998 Corvette online via websites such as Corvette Trader, Kelley Blue Book, Car Gurus and Cars for Sale. One may also find a 1998 Corvette via the eBay website.

buy service manual buy necessary tools follow instructions

You can find a nice used corvette at the following websites...www.vettehound.com or www.vettefinders.com/ I hope this helps to answer your question. Good luck.

get rid of that car nd buy a corvette

One may be able to find a used 1985 Corvette for sale in Dallas, Texas on the Dallas Craigslist. One can also check sites such as Corvette Forum and eBay.

Well the Corvette is one of the most sought after used cars in the United States. if you wanted to find one you could check the papers, maybe some used car auctions, but the best way to find a used Corvette is to check the listings in Atlanta, Georgia.

One can purchase a used Corvette ZR1 online at the UK Car Site online shop, Car Sales Australian website and DuPont Registry. Other places where a Corvette ZR1 might be available are Corvette Conti and KBB online auto car services.

hi dude. the right place to buy corvette covers is http://www.corvette-carcovers.com/ . This website offering covers only for corvette. hopefully i helped you thanks

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