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You have to go to the Verizon website and you can check out plans.

You can compare Verizon cell phones online at the Verizon webpage/

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Q: Where can I compare Verizon Wireless cellular plans online?
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Where can I find Verizon Wireless discount information online?

You can find Verizon Wireless discount information online by going to the Verizon Wireless website which provides you with the information you're looking for.

How can I access my account with Verizon Wireless online?

A Verizon Wireless account can be accessed online via the Verizon Wireless official webpage. A login ID (or cellphone number) and password will be required to view an account.

Where can one get VZW tones online?

One can get VZW or Verizon Wireless ring tones online at the Verizon Wireless official website. One can go to the Media Store section of the Verizon Wireless website for ring tones.

Where can I compare cell phone plans online?

Just search for your cell phone companies web site and compare there deals to there competitor. For example compare AT&T plans with Verizon Wireless plans.

Need to find information on Verizon wireless internet.?

There are many online shops that sell wireless internet Verizon. is one of online shop that sells wireless internet Verizon with any kind of models and specification. You can visit

Where can someone purchase a Verizon wireless router online?

You can purchase a Verizon wireless router online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type "Verizon Wireless Router" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the routers.

Where can I buy a cellphone called a chocolate touch phone?

The LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 cellular phone can be purchased at any Verizon Wireless Store. You can also purchase the cellular phone online at or

Does Verizon wireless have online purchasing?

yes, you can purchase a Verizon wireless phone online by visiting this site:

Where can I compare VerizonWireless cell phones?

You can compare Verizon Wireless cell phones directly in person at their stores and be able to touch and fiddle with each phone personally. Otherwise you can compare the phones online at their website and look and compare each special feature.

Where can Wireless Security Equipment be purchased online?

One can purchase wireless security equipment on various online stores. Chinavasion, eBay, SpayBase and Verizon Wireless are few examples of online stores that sell wireless security equipment.

Does Verizon wireless online provide consumers an opportunity to shop online?

Yes, Verizon does provide consumers an opportunity to shop online, they have their own shop including the ability to shop virtually anywhere, Verizon say so.

Where can you buy the droid 2 global?

At the Verizon Wireless, either online or at the store itself.

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