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Emulators, known also as 'emus' allow software from other systems or platforms to operate on each other. Assuming you're asking about Playstation2, there were several free emus at:

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Q: Where can I find PlayStation emulators?
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Where can You Free Download PlayStation Emulators?

You can go to the Emulator-Zone and probably find what you need.

Where do you get PlayStation emulator?

All known Playstation emulators are available for download at

Is there a PlayStation 2 emulator that does not require a BIOS file?

even gba emulators need bios so you can't find one

Can you play PlayStation 3 games on Windows?

No. PlayStation 3 games will obviously not run natively, and as of 2010 there are no functional PlayStation 3 emulators.

Can you play PlayStation games on your computer?

Yes you can. There are Emulators around the internet that simulate just about any video game for the PlayStation.

Where can you get emulators for android?

The android market has a number of good emulators, including fpse (playstation). The market has all the -droid emulators (gearoid, gameboid, psx4droid, etc.) There are some other emulators too, like a great N64 one by paulscode. You will need to google for this.

The best PlayStation 1 emulator?

You can use a PlayStation 1 emulator to play PlayStation 1 games on the PC. One of the best emulators to use is Epsxe 1.8.0.

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on Windows?

yes you can there is 3 emulators for ps2 in the emulator zone

How can you get good disk system emulators for playstation?

go to a site like and download one

Do PlayStation 2 emulators work?

It is possible to use a PlayStation 2 emulator to play PS2 games on your computer. It is only legal to do if you own an original copy of the game.

What emulators beside nogba can play poke'mon diamond pearl platinum?

any DS emulators you can find

What are the benefits of using a PS3 emulator?

PS3 emulators allow you to use your personal computer to play PlayStation games. The main benefit of using an emulator is that you do not need to purchase a PlayStation game console to play PlayStation games.

How do you find game emulators?

type it into google

Were to find emulator?

I know where to find game emulators that run directly on your computer, but I'm not sure if that's what you mean?... Anywho, check out this website: They have all sorts of emulators, it's amazing. Just find the one you need and download it!

Why does Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for PlayStation 1 keep glitching?

Not many emulators can play it. Only xebra seems to play it partially.

Can you use an xbox 360 controller on a ps2 emulator?

Yes, you can use an Xbox 360 controller on most (if not all) Playstation 2 emulators.

Where can you get emulators?

There are many sources of emulators, and one resource I can definitely recommend is known as Zophar's domain. There are many websites dedicated to emulations, and places to find emulators, the best step to take is to search Google for an emulator based on the system you are looking to emulate. It is imperative to exercise caution, though, as some viruses will masquerade as emulators, particularly as emulators for current systems.

Where can you find some Pokemon Yellow emulators?

Emulators are different that the games themselves. I find that BGB and Visualboy Advance are the best emulators. BGB is for the original Gameboy, Gameboy color, and the super Gameboy. Visualboy Advance will also emulate the Gameboy Advance. What you are looking for is the ROM. Emulators run (play) the ROMs. You must own the original game to legally download a ROM.

Can you play PC games on a playstation 2?

No. Not unless the game was multiplatform. You can use emulators to play PS2 games on a PC, but not the other way around.

Are PlayStation emulators legal?

Technically yes. However, almost all of them require a PlayStation BIOS to operate. The BIOS can only be dumped from the PlayStation through highly technical means. If you don't know how to dump the BIOS, you must download one over the Internet, which generally is considered illegal.

Is there any software to play PS CD from your PC?

yes there are a number of Playstation emulators most will require you to convert the CD into a downloaded file before it is played

Can you get Pokemon SoulSilver for pc?

you can find ds emulators and game files on

Can you get Nintendo events for Emulators?

No, you cannot get Nintendo events for emulators. The emulators do not have the feature to connect by link or by Wi-Fi.

Where can you play UN squadron on PC?

You can download a super Nintendo emulator and then download the game and play it on your PC. The best thing about doing this is that there's an emulator for just about every game system (all the way up to PlayStation, that i know of) and you can find almost any game that you can think of doing this. The best emulators that i know of are:Nintendo --------- NestopiaSuper Nintendo - ZSNESNintendo 64 ----- Project 64There are more emulators out there and tons of games (roms) , you just have to find them. You can go to http:/ They have a lot of roms and emulators.Hope this helps you(by the way, UN Squadron, AWESOME GAME!!!!)

My ePSx emulator will not play my playstation games from the CD HELP?

emulators don't play original games, they only play ROM files which are made from the original games.