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There are national car donation websites where you enter your car location and select a charity of your choice to receive the vehicle. One such site is

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Q: Where can I find a car donation center in georgia?
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Where is a local car donation center to Eugene, Oregon? and will help you find a car donation center in Eugene, OR.

How can I find a legitimate car donation center? gives you tips on what to look for in a car donation center and a list of ones to choose from.

Where in the California can one find a car donation center for charity?

The website Donate a Car contains a list of charity organizations in California and an online form for donation. They will pick up the car for free and the donation is generally tax-deductible.

Where can I find a good car donation center?, 1-800-CHARITYCARS, etc can help you.

What types of charities does the Car Donation center have?

Each car donation center will differ in terms of the charity or not for profit being benefited. Donate A Car, the nation's largest car donation center, offers the opportunity for the donor to request the benefit go towards any one of hundreds of charities.

Where can I find more information on car donation programs?

You can find more information on car donation programs

How do I make an auto donation to a charity?

Find a reputable charity that you support and visit their website so see if they accept car donations directly. Once you find one that does, you can either drive the car to the charity's donation center, or often they have someone who can come pick up the car from your home. After the donation, you will receive a receipt and you can write off the value of the car on your taxes.

Where can I find information about car donation programs in the state of Indiana?

Visit for information on car donation in Indiana

How can you get a car donated to you?

Most car donation organizations sell their cars to individuals or sell them at auto auctions. If you contact a local car donation center, have your proof of income ready.

Where can I find a vehicle donation center in Seattle? and will provide you with information on donating your car in the Seattle area, including drop off locations.

Where can I find a car donation center in Chicago?

There are many charities that accept car donations. Check with local charities such as Goodwille, Salvation Army, or Mel Trotter ministries.

How do you find a free car donation?

Ask a Friend/Family.

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