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If you are in the Northwest, is a great place to check out. They sell new and used tow trucks. Fleetsaleswest also lease tow trucks and custom build them.

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Q: Where can I find tow trucks at a low rate?
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Where can I purchase used tow trucks?

You can find used tow trucks for sale by visiting or There are also many for sell on!

What is the best place to find some tow trucks for sale?

The best place to find some tow trucks for sale would be a car lot. Car lots can be found across the United States as they sell a wide variety of cars including tow trucks.

Can tow trucks handle larger vehicles such as mack trucks?

Depends on the tow capacity of your truck. The bigger tow trucks can easily haul the mack trucks.

Where do I buy used tow trucks?

Depending on whee you live you can visit your local truck dealer and may be able to find used tow trucks. You can also visit where they carry a large inventory of used tow trucks for sale.

What do tow truck drivers do?

Tow trucks tow automobile vehicles!

What are names for tow trucks?

A tow truck is a wooly head

Can tow trucks be used in gta 4?

Tow trucks are only available in The Lost And Damned and unless you have a mod, they cannot tow cars, not even in a mission

I there a website that obtains an online database of current tow trucks for sale?

There are many websites that has listing for current tow trucks for sales. Some of these places are and

Where could one find a tow truck for sale?

One can find a tow truck for sale on websites such as Commercial Truck Trader, eBay, and Oodle Marketplace. One can also look locally for tow trucks for sale.

How tall are tow trucks?

A semi tow truck trailer can get up to 8'5 ft tall from ground to head top. Yellow tow-trucks are 7'5 ft tall.

Why are truck ramps required for tow trucks?

Tow truck are required to have ramps so that they can transport low clearance vehicles. This type of towing is ideal for those vehicles that have seized brakes.

What trucks can tow a 10000 pound trailer?

A heavy duty tow truck

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