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You can find used tow trucks for sale by visiting or There are also many for sell on!

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Q: Where can I purchase used tow trucks?
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Where do I buy used tow trucks?

Depending on whee you live you can visit your local truck dealer and may be able to find used tow trucks. You can also visit where they carry a large inventory of used tow trucks for sale.

Where can I find tow trucks at a low rate?

If you are in the Northwest, is a great place to check out. They sell new and used tow trucks. Fleetsaleswest also lease tow trucks and custom build them.

Can tow trucks be used in gta 4?

Tow trucks are only available in The Lost And Damned and unless you have a mod, they cannot tow cars, not even in a mission

I there a website that obtains an online database of current tow trucks for sale?

There are many websites that has listing for current tow trucks for sales. Some of these places are and

How much does it cost to purchase a new basic tow truck?

On average you can expect to pay about $50000 for a brand new tow truck with limited options. You can find a great selection of new and used tow trucks at

How much do used tow trucks cost?

The cost of a used tow truck varies depending on the age of the truck and the mileage that the truck has been driven. can give you an idea of the cost.

Can tow trucks handle larger vehicles such as mack trucks?

Depends on the tow capacity of your truck. The bigger tow trucks can easily haul the mack trucks.

What is a relaible type of tow truck?

The Dodge Ram is used for a foundation for many tow trucks.

Where can one buy used trucks internationally?

You can purchase used trucks internationally from websites such as Truck Paper. Alternatively, you can also purchase these trucks from the International Used Trucks website.

Where can one buy a Rollback tow truck?

You can purchase a Rollback tow truck from the Commercial Truck Trader website. Once on the website, hover over "Browse Trucks" in the top navigation menu and click on "Browse Trucks by Type" and then click on "Rollback tow trucks" to bring up the listings.

Where can I buy used tow trucks?

The website offers used tow trucks as well as other work vehicles. I would also suggest looking at the local classifieds for auto auctions or individuals selling a tow truck.

Where can used tow trucks be purchased in California?

Any dealer that sells trucks will be able to get a tow truck for you. Look for a GMC or Ford dealer in your area that sells trucks and they should be able to help.

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