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To replace your LCD TV you should go to the electronic shops from which you bought the LCD TV. Or, you can also visit the official customer center of the LCD TV brand in your area.

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There are repair shops out there that can repair LCD Tv's. Search "lcd tv repair" in your local area. The prices vary from one to another but many are at a good price compared with replacing your TV with new.

form_title= LCD TV Repair form_header= Repair your LCD TV with help from the pros. What is the size of your TV?*= _ [50] Is your TV still under warranty?*= () Yes () No What is the make and model of your TV?*= _ [50] Please describe the problem in detail.*= _ [50]

There is repair but the cost of replacing is too costly. You can buy another LCD with the cost of replacing.

Yes of course, it can be repair and even LCD panel can be replaced.

You can go to your local TV repair shops. This can be a bit pricey and sometimes it may be cheaper to purchase a whole new TV. MoniServ offers LCD screen repair also.

i think so just google lcd screen repair

eBay or some tv repair places will buy it for parts.

It is possible to repair an LCD TV with a cracked screen. Although, it makes much more sense to buy a new TV because repairs could end up costing more than a new TV.

Unfortunately no. The price to replace the panel would make the TV beyond economical repair.

Dead pixels in an LCD TV means that the transistor is broken. It is possible to get the TV replaced under warranty or take it to a repair shop to be fixed.

LCD televisions and Samsung in particular tend to be very reliable. You may have just been unlucky but have the television checked by a repair technician to confirm whether or not you have a fault.

Lots of tv repair places will buy the tv for parts. Also you could sell it ebay.

TV = Television LCD= Lichid Crystal Display

Sometimes important items in a household break. It is possible to replace a broken Lcd TV screen, however, a reputable dealer would have to be found. Further, these days the labour costs to have this kind of repair done would probably cost more than a whole new TV.

Same thing except LCD TVs are televisions by themselves while LCD monitors can serve as either a television OR a computer monitor.

Sadly, the days of tinkering in the back of a television to fix it are well and truly gone. Even independent TV repair companies are limited to replacing modules in LCD and Plasma screens. Anything more intricate and they have to go back to the manufacturer. Without the right parts, manuals and test equipment, there is simply no way to do it yourself. Even worse, repair costs are so high these days, that often it just isn't worth getting a repair done because it can be more than buying a new one.

1. Toshiba REGZA 52RV530U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 2. Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 3. Samsung LNT5265F 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 4. Sony KDL-40V3000U 40 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV 5. Sony KDL32L4000 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 6. Panasonic TC-32LX85 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 7. Sharp LC-32SH12U 32 in. LCD TV 8. Vizio VU32L 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 9. Syntax-Brillian LT27HVS 27 in. LCD TV 10. Memorex MLTD2622 26 in. LCD TV TV/DVD Combo

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

Yes, a repairman may be able to help you. However, it may cost you more to fix it than it will for you to buy a new TV.

An LCD TV is different from a regular TV because a LED tv is an LCD tv with LED backlighting. Regular tv's are non lcd so they have CFL backlighting. Both tv's are reliable and widely used

It depends on the size of the LCD Panel and the audio power on the LCD TV.

Sharp is the first compnay to use lcd in TVs

led is better than lcd tv

First of all you could look in a Dallas, Texas phone book in the yellow pages under television repair. If you have no luck there, you can always google television repair in Dallas, Texas area online.

I am not sure what you mean by "best mark" in the market. Their are many different brands that sell LCD TVs at different qualities has reviews of many different LCD TVs.

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