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You can purchase Allianz Car Insurance at or you can call 61 7 30239322 this is an out of the country call (Australia), I would not recommend purchasing anything from a company out of the country with the only way of contacting them is thru a out of the country phone number. They should of at least invested the resources to get a an 1800,1888 etc. for the convenience of their prospective customers out of their country.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-31 16:53:17
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Q: Where can I purchase allianz car insurance?
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Does Allianz offer car insurance in Australia?

Yes, Allianz insurance is based out of Australia and it offers car insurance, homeowners insurance, landlord insurance, life insurance, and travel insurance.

Is allianz car insurance a good company?

"Although Allianz is an insurance company, it doesn't offer services for car insurance. The company mainly specializes in life and corporate insurance."

Where offline can a person purchase car insurance for a Hyundai branded vehicle?

To purchase car insurance for a Hyundai one can visit any branch of Hyundai Motor Insurance in the UK, NRMA, Aami or Allianz in Australia or Trident Hyundai in India.

Where can one purchase Allianz travel insurance?

Allianz travel insurance can be purchased on their company's website. There is comprehensive information about travel insurance, and what is available thereof on the company's website.

Where can one get a car insurance in Australia?

Australia has a variety of car insurance providers. AAMI, Canstar, and Allianz all provide car insurance, as does the international brand Progressive.

Where can I purchase cruise insurance from?

You can purchase travel insurance from some banks. RBC offers travel insurance. Another credible company that specializes in this area is Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company.

What are some reputable companies for car insurance in Ireland?

Liberty Insurance is one of the most reputable car insurance options available in Ireland. Allianz is another reputable car insurance company in Ireland.

What are some features of Allianz car insurance?

Allianz car is one of the best insurance companies when it comes to customer service. The insurance services are top notch, and the employees become like members of the family because they care so much that a job gets done right.

Where can I purchase car insurance in Louisiana?

You can purchase car insurance in Louisiana at

How can you log in on bajaj allianz life insurance web?

Branches of bajaj allianz life insurance company in India

Where can you purchase business interruption insurance?

Allianz is a servicer of business interruption insurance. If you have a small business loan, check with your loan provider as well to see if they can offer you this type of insurance.

History of bajaj allianz life insurance company in India?

History of bajaj allianz

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