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There is no where in the United Kingdom that you can rent a nerf gun. You can only buy a nerf gun.

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Q: Where can I rent Nerf guns in the UK?
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What countries are Nerf guns sold?

The US and the UK are the countries that Nerf guns are sold good so I'd say there is other countries that sell Nerf guns but they definitely sell in Europe.

What the name of company that makes Nerf guns?

NERF. who do you think makes "nerf guns"

Where can find previews of upcoming Nerf guns?

i found most upcoming Nerf guns on youtube 2010 Nerf guns

Who inevented the Nerf guns?

I think the Parker brothers invented Nerf guns.

What is better Nerf guns or laptops?

TOTALLY Nerf guns. But if you want the best Nerf gun, get the NEW NERF VORTEX FIREFLY TECH LUMITRON

Is Nerf longshot in UK?

No and it probably wont be. The company is American and is only bringing out certain projects in the UK. Sorry but your wrong there as all Nerf guns are sold in the UK except a few which usally come out at a later date and yes you CAN buy the Nerf longshot in the UK its out in many stores try. argos toys 'r us

What is cooler legos or Nerf guns?

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Where do Nerf guns sell in Jamaica?

nerf gun

What Nerf guns coming out 2011?

The new Nerf guns for 2011 aer unknown. But two new Nerf guns that are coming in Spring 2010 are the Long Strike CS-6...the upcoming longest Nerf blaster that will beat the long shots length and the Nerf Deploy CS-6...I know this because when you pause at the right time on the 2010 Nerf commercial you will see these 2 guns and when you go to the Nerf website they are advertising these guns. =)

What Nerf guns are in oz?

most Nerf guns are available in Australia and Kmart has lots in most their stores

Why are Nerf guns blue?

because it got changed and Nerf guns were really blue in the first place

How many products has Nerf sold?

There is Nerf basketball, Nerf swords, Nerf guns, Nerf footballs all sorts