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Where can a 12-year-old in Florida get a job?


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no you cant in the state of florida.


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You have to be 14, to get a job in Florida.

Florida has 9,744,000 jobs as of June 2016.

The highest paying job in Florida is a gynecologist or obstetrician position. The second highest paying job is a surgeon.

you can find a job in the mall

there is like 20000 people in florida without job

In order to find local job training in Florida, you should contact the Agency for Workforce Innovation which provide you with local offices that provide workforce services in Florida.

Coral Springs Fire Academy in broward county, Florida is the best in Florida according to passing rates and job hires in the state of Florida

Companies like Florida Power and Light have job postings on multiple sites on the web. Job sites like Monster and Indeed as well as the companies own site FPL have various job openings available.

summer job are at camp and also publix and stuff

You can perofrm a job search at there are not many results at this time.

while a 14 yr old might manage to get some kind of job in Florida they would not receive the same wage as an adult doing the same job. so to that question i would have to say no a 14 yr old can't get a real part time job in Florida.A 14 year old can work in Florida. I live in port orange Florida and I applied at publix and chik fil a. You also do not have to have a permit. Just go ahead and apply.

If you get withold of judication in Florida for a felony case will it show up on a background check for a job?

The easiest way to find a contruction manager job in Florida would be to go to or and type contruction manager in the search bar.

Orlando, Florida is a pretty popular and well-known and visited area. They are always in demand for people to work for them. Therefore, yes, there are job placing offices near Orlando, Florida.

Workforce Central Florida offers many services to job seekers who visit the site. Some of the services Workforce Central Florida offer include searching for employment in your area.

A job description for a certified nursing assistant in Florida is standard. The CNA will assist hospitals and nursing home residents with daily living skills.

Is there any job available for 15 year olds in Ocala,Florida

For a Florida hospital job, you can work in the main Florida Hospital. You can work there as either a doctor, a nurse or a physician's aide as well. You can also work in the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center too as well. Another hospital choice is the All Children's Hospital located within Florida.

no notification of being absent from work

You can find a job at Disney World in Florida through the online career service. The website you should go to is

Currently? I do not think so. I just spoke to an employer in Clinical facility, I am an LMHC and apparently could not qualify for the job because of billing restrictions. Note: this job was in Florida

Working at Mc Donalds! - it's ace!

Yes a Florida employer can charge employees for uniforms. They can deduct from your wages for uniforms worn on the job.

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