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You can't. 14 years old is too young to work, and game testers are usually employed by the licenser.

New Answer Headline14-year-olds can find work, though it depends on what state you live in. In some, it is illegal to work under the age of fifteen. Though even if you can work, I seriously doubt you will be able to get a job as a game tester

I know what u are going through looking for this kind of job im a 14 year old boy and been looking for a beta testers job for like 20 days and i found a gamers site it helps you get a beta testers job testing the newest games for Xbox 360 Nintendo gameboy etc. it said 15 but i checked it after and it said i was qualified so im goin to check it out and il tell you if its worth looking into. best of luck to you.if u want to see this site send an email to il send the link and any and all info i know about it and/or some other beta testing sites

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Where can a 16-year-old girl get a job as a game tester?


How do I get a job in video game testing?

You can find information on becoming a game tester at

What is an easy job that pays good?

A game tester my be good pay

How old do you have to be to be a video game tester?

You must be 18 to be a QA tester as it is a full-time job that cannot be done after school.

How old do you need to be a game tester?

You need to be 15 or over and its a really good job

What are tips on how to become a video game tester?

The best way to become a video game tester is to find a company that is willing to work with you. Opportunities are limited. Be sure that you do the job well and give a ton of feedback.

How can you get a video game before it comes out?

Go to eBay and try and find it there because the game might be out in a different country. Get a job as a play tester for that game company. You probably will hate that job, but it is a way...

How does a thirteen year old boy go about finding a job as a video game tester?

You can check out books at your local library about video game testing to get more information. This is often a job that someone would have to have experience in game design to do.

How easy it to get a qa tester job in Canada?

It should be easy to get a QA tester job in Canada. You just need to have the right qualifications and do a really good job on your interview. Hope that helps.

Where can a ten year old boy get a job as a game tester?

Lol i know its not the answer but I've been wondering about that in the UK I'm 11

Does a video game tester need schools?

No, its not a paid job so why would you need school? People apply to test a game and give feedback. They dont pay you for it.

Can you get a video game tester job at 14?

no, you have to go to college for that, little johnny. try for something you can actually DO, like be a janitor at Mc donalds

Is writing technical specification a job of a tester?

Normally it would be the job of a technical author.

Where can a 12 year old boy get a job as a game tester?

You can't. I believe it's illegal to work at 12 period. And game testers usually only look for people 18+.

What would be a good job in the video game industry for someone who has no art skills is very creative and doesn't work well with deadlines?

That's an easy question and the answer is a video game tester

How do you become a game tester?

Most game testers are usually individuals who already work in the gaming industry or for the company that the game is being developed in. However, if and individual is looking to become a tester from outside of the company, the best place to look would be on job board such as, or even apply directly to the company through their web site.

Do I need a degree to get a job as a software tester?

It might be better to obtain a degree in the profession to get a career or job as a software tester. Unless you have a connection to getting hired on with becoming a tester. There may be some places that might hire non-experiences to non-degree experiences.

Whats the easiest job?

Mattress get to sleep all day

The Career of a Video Game Tester?

During the development cycle of a video game, developers put it through a rigorous play testing in order to see if the programming code is working properly. Not only is play testing done to squash any bugs found, the game has to be played to see if the mechanics such as enemy AI is balanced and fair as well. Most developers are too busy to focus on squashing these bugs, so they rely on a Quality Assurance Team, or Game Testers to do it for them.A Game Tester's JobWhile the position of being a game tester sounds like a fun job, it can be a rigorous process that can end up feeling like work. The job of a tester is not to really beat a game, but to play through the game repeatedly during its development. This repeated play enables the tester to find bugs, glitches and ways to break the game so that the developers can fix it before it goes to retail.Required SkillsA college degree isn't required to become a game tester, most companies will hire anyone just as long as they are willing to do the tough job. There are other skillsets though, which will come in handy for anyone searching for a job as a game tester.Excellent communication skills and an attention to detail are highly looked upon. When a bug is found, it has to be thoroughly reported. Such as how the bug was found, what causes the bug, what the game should have done instead of what really happened, and even what could be wrong with the code causing the bug.Computer skills are very important as well. Testers have to be knowledgeable in the installation of drivers, hardware and operating systems. Even if they are testing a console game, a report still has to be written on a computer.The Salary of a Game TesterThe salary of a tester can range anywhere from $18,000 USD to $35,000 USD per year. As one gains more experience the salary can go up even higher, sometimes into the six figure range depending on the company.

How can I get a game tester job in London England?

Google is your friend. Just type in games tester job London or whatever, and apply for all the ones you can find. Make sure your CV is up to scratch though :) 90% of getting a job in the Video Game industry is the same. I will assume that you have a good resume, cover letter, experience, references, etc.. If you need Game Tester Training, there is some offered by Go to the IGDA or other sites that have the lists of publishers by area. Find the publishers in your area. Drop by and drop the items mentioned above. Ask how you can submit an electronic copy... Followup with an email with electronic copies. Repeat until you get something.

How much does the job video game tester pay?

Not much only $1000000000 par month that kinda sucks but ya can do another job for $1000000000000 a week thats not much too but its something to start with dont you agree?

What is the correct job title for someone who is a printer tester for Hewlett Packard?


What is the most random-est job?

cell phone taste tester

What is Remy's job at the rat colony in Disney-Pixar's Ratatouille?

poison tester

How can you get paid to play video games?

you can get a job playing video games by working for a company that designs video games. most likely your job would be playing the video game to find any glitches or anything wrong with the graphics(like a tester)