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I grew up in Pasadena, Ca and I created my own jobs. At 14 I had a paper route. Went around the neighborhood and knocked on doors asking if the homeowner wanted their yard clean, mowed lawns etc. I ended up having 4 yards I would do weekly and the people made a huge difference in my life. Just knock on doors and ASK. Most people will find work for you because your above most 14 year old's who understand the value of work. You could get 5-8 dollars or more an hour.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-06 03:48:27
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Q: Where can a 14 year old boy get a job in Pacifica California?
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a ten year old boy job job could be to mow grass or if possible deliver a newspaper.

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in victorville California

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i dont know, because i dont live there. maybe paper delivery or babysittin?

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11yaer old get a paper rout job

Where can a 10 year old boy get a job in Katy Texas?

No 11 year can get a job that pays enough to buy what he or she wants

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no, you have to be 16

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in northgate!

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were you can get a job at is Wendy's or another fast food but when you get 18 you can get a real job.

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You can't. Its illegal.

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cut grass

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You can't legally get a job until you are 16.

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